Cancer Trek

Reporter: Graeme Butler

The top of Mount Eliza in Kings Park is a long way from the towering summit of Kilimanjaro - but the African mountain is in the sights of these 20 trekkers... or Conquerors - Perth people like Luisa Giuffre, "I'm a breast cancer survivor and it's my celebration 10 yeasr since i was diagnosed and i turn 40 at the end of last years os may way of celebrating"

It's also a way of raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation - a tough way at that - to prepare the trekkers have been training boot camp style - overseen by ex-SAS trainers.

The trek was the brain child of Malcolm Day - and his mate Carl Coward, "i'm a chairman of the wa breast cancer foundation and i thought this was a great way to raise money for the foundation lead by example i spoke with carl about orgainisng a group of people and here we are already to go next week" For Carl this will be his second attempt at Kilimanjaro - his first try two years ago ended in disaster - "i've been told that i can't go anymore nester our guide thinks i've started to get water in my lungs liquid in my lungs he says its too dangerous for me to continute..we'd gone from ground level to 5000 metres in three days so this time we're doing it in 7 days it's a who le different experience and hopefully i'll aclimatise better"

This time around the preperation includes altitude training in a reduced oxygen chamber. Inside the oxygen level has been dropped to 12.56 % which is just over hapf the level we're breathing out here it simulates conditions at 400 metres and hopefully wards of the possibility of altitude sickness.

Kilimanjaro soars almost six kilometres above the African Plains ... and someone who once Soared for the eagles has taken up the challenge. "We're actually on the mountain for six days probably the biggest challenge for us all Graeme is the last. the summit day which is a 16 hour trek"

For Peter Wilson, like everyone else on this trek - it's personal, "i've got three beautiful daughters and a lovely wife of course it's pretty close to my heart as well we're doing something and it's something people need to be aware of and anything i can do a small part of making that awareness i'm really happy to be doing"

"I think it will be quite emotional for most of them they've been building up to it the excitement but as i say they've all been personally touched in some way" Ros Worthington began the breast Cancer foundation of W.A nine years ago - she won't be trekking but she'll be living every step. "I think when they reach the top it's going to be wow i think there'll be lots of tears lost of laughs"

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