It's called a power balance bracelet and whatever it's doing to your body when you're wearing one defies belief, logic and even the science of commonsense. Tom O'Dowd has the Australian rights for the amazing power balance bracelet which sells for around $60. The secret, he says, is embedded in the hologram on the band and called Mylar technology. "In the Mylar hologram is a frequency and the frequency as soon as it comes into contact with the electrical field of your body… basically works with your body's electrical field that gives you a feeling of wellness and we can demonstrate straight away that it improves your balance, strength and flexibility immediately," says Tom.

According to Tom our lifestyle means bodies are running below their optimum electrical frequency. Mylar technology supposedly restores it to somewhere near the 7.83 hertz required. "This will make you the best you can be. It won't turn you into Tiger Woods, let's put it that way but it will make you the best you can be," says Tom.

And there are some big names who vouch for it. Pittsburgh Steelers footballers wore them when they won this year's Superbowl. Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers who won the NBA title, Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello has won two Grands Prix this year and some of the world's top surfers including three time world surfing champion Andy Irons. We put one on Morrie Leen, the former South African golf pro and coach and now a lawyer in Adelaide. Morrie hit his practice balls consistently further.

But this has to be the most sensational result yet, jockey Calvin Burrell steering his mount, "Mine that bird," the rank outsider in this year's Kentucky Derby. It was tailed off last before it sprouted wings to gobble up the field on a wet track to win running away. They put hologram technology under the saddle, hologram in the bridle, two wrist bands on the jockey and stickers inside the boots… they loaded up as much as they could and the result was pretty is quite a mystery looking for a sound explanation but as yet we haven't worked out what that is!

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