Botox Granny

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

She's elderly in terms of age but Carmen Harrison is not in her twilight years when it comes to working. She wants to but employers won't give her a second look because of her senior years. So Carmen has fixed the problem and now she's out there hoping to compete against the younger generation.

"It's taken, dare I say it, 10 years off the way I looked before."

How old is Carmen Harrison? Here's a hint, she looks younger than her real age, managing to turn back the clock by using non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

"It's made me look well again, it made me look well so if you look healthy and well the employer is sure to say oh well I don't think she's going to cark it tomorrow I'll put her on" says Carmen.

And this is the exact result she was hoping to achieve when she decided to spend $2000 on dermal fillers used to plump up, firm and sculpt the skin.

"When I would go and approach people for work they would look at me and then they would say how old are you and then I'd say approaching 70, which I will be in 2 weeks" says Carmen.

Whoops well her age is out, looking for work but employers weren't giving her a second glance.

"I do believe that they thought could she stand up to the hours to the pressure to the whatever… I was instantly dismissed and I thought that's not good enough, I've got a lot to offer."

Carmen's changes are not dramatic but in this economic climate where she's competing against greater numbers of young unemployed women, appearances matter.

"It's given me back that self confidence and made me a little bit braver to go out there and approach employers."

"We are seeing more people asking for cosmetic treatments either because they've been retrenched and they're wanting to get back and compete and get another job or else they were thinking about retirement but now their plans have changed" says Dr Mary Dingley.

Dr Mary Dingley of the Cosmetic Physicians Society thinks that with rising unemployment, it often comes down to appearances, for a competitive edge.

"As people do get older they do tend to lose volume in their faces so they tend to look more tired, so if you've got a range of people in front of you, do you want the person who already looks tired before they start work or the person who looks vibrant."

Jobseekers demands on Mary for treatment range from botox costing a few hundred dollars to an eyebrow lift or dermal fillers, costing thousands of dollars.

"We've all heard about the effects of botox, so you can reduce the look of an angry frown, you can raise the eyebrows which makes people look more awake, alert, less tired, with depressions under the eyes they can be filled up, hollow cheeks can be filled up" explains Mary.

Carmen's advice for older women seeking work; "If other women of my age group can feel as good as I do at the moment, go for it girls, go for it."