Bikini Bodies

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

With just six weeks until the start of summer it's all about gearing up and trimming down for the swimsuit season. So tonight, Sally Obermeder has a step-by-step insider's guide on how to get a great bikini body, fast.For Hollywood's hottest bodies looking good in a bikini is a full time job but you don't need to pay a celebrity trainer or personal chef. We've found the tricks of the trade that will speed up the summer slim-down for all shapes and sizes.

Introducing the bikini body A-team. First up, Celebrity trainer John Fell, next swimsuit cover girl Annalise Braakenseik and, Dietician Arlene Normand

Arlene: "The diet is the most important if you want to get a sexy body."

Sally: "What would be the 5 best bikini foods?"

Arlene: "The first one would definitely be fish, fish is really great and light to eat. The next one would be the berries, they are high in water and low in sugar."Studies have shown that the lactose in low fat diary may slow the absorption of fat.

"They've found that people who do include yoghurt in their diet tend to lose weight quicker." Arlene says.

Rounding out Arlene's top 5 are cottage cheese and eggs. Stick to these and you'll see results fast. "You can lose weight very quickly in the first two weeks by just changing the quantity in your diet and the food your eating in your diet."

No surprise that chocolate and chips are at the top of the WORST list.

Top 5 worst - chocolate, chips, white pasta, muffins, alcohol

But did you know? Arlene: "A wholemeal muffin is worth about four slices of bread."

And a glass of wine contains the same calories a slice of bread.

Arlene: "Alcohol is a disaster a very popular disaster but men normally go for the beers women go for the wine thinking that 3 or 4 glasses doesn't touch the sides but it's really very fattening."

It works for supermodel Heidi Klum, who also cuts out carbs and insists on regular small meals.Heidi Klum, 36:Avoids alcohol, bread & processed carbs. Eats every 3 to 4 hours. For exersice, does lunges, squats and push-ups.

John Fell: "If you're not exercising at all and you start training three times a week you're going to notice the difference."To get amazing results fast, John's advice is to focus on exercises that work multiple body parts at once. One of the secrets behind Jennifer Hawkins' famous body. Jennifer Hawkins, 25:Takes long walks, does Pilates and strength training.John's No. 1 bikini fat buster is the Crossover Lunge with a Bicep Curl, simple but effective and it can be done anywhere. Again, dramatic results are about strategic eating.

"If you've only got two weeks and you really need to trim down number 1 reduce the size of your dinner, increase the size of your breakfast because eating late at night is just going to go straight to fat." said John.

Here's a really good trick you have seven nuts 20 minutes before your meal that will stop the release of a certain hormone that makes you feel hungry." He adds.

Two weeks before a really important shoot i cut out alcohol I up the ante with regard to exercise." Annalise said. "Definitely no alcohol and no carbs at night."Swimsuit pin up Annalise Braakenseik, has an action plan when she needs fast results, but refuses to starve, instead the 36 year old eats herself skinny with healthy food. "I don't think your diet has to change when you reach 30 I think portion sizes have to change." The number one tip is portion control - the secret behind the most sought after celebrity body actress Jessica Biel, who never clears her plate.

Jessica Biel, 27:Eats only half of every meal, takes daily walks, cardio/weight training and does yoga.If you make a significant change to your diet you'll feel better in a week and you will start to look better in two weeks." says John."As long as you're healthy and you're fit and your firm be proud and show off that bikini body I say! Annalise says.

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