Big Bras

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

"Until recently it was appalling for anyone over a C or a D cup, they were just nana-esque and beige and horrendous. To the point where I wouldn't wear them. I'd just wear a bikini top

Girls are going through puberty earlier and partly that's better nutrition. But one of the reasons girls are going through puberty earlier is because that they're more overweight at a younger age. So we know that girls who carry more weight before say the age of eight are more likely to go through early puberty and more likely to get early breast development

So why are breasts getting bigger? According to professor Susan Davis, an endocrinologist with monash university, it's not just because we are getting bigger. "I think it is increasing globally.

I just thought there's nothing around that's beautiful, that's feminine and it's sexy and supportive. I know what I'll do, I'll design my own" Braakensiek has just launched a new line of eco-friendly lingerie under license to bras n'things. "I'm designing new things, at least one or two new stories every month gets dropped into Bras N'Things. So continuously, fashion-forward, beautiful colourways" There's the overweight factor. And then the other thing that is very hard to get a discreet handle on is oestrogens in the environment. So as we have become more industrialised countries, we have greater waste products in the environment that have oestrogen-like action"

I've been inundated with beautiful emails and support from women who are just so grateful. Now there are many options, which is fantastic. Whereas previously, there weren't, you know. There was maximum one bra that you wouldn't be seen dead in and I wouldn't even let my nanna wear"