Best Toys

Reporter: James Thomas

It's an aggressive start to Christmas for toy makers all bidding for the affections of their lucrative target market... kids

Toys R US is teeming with toddlers and exasperated parents searching for answers to the yearly quandary - what do I buy my baby for Christmas?

Licking her lips at the thought of her own Christmas sales bonus; Marion Joyce is only too happy to tell all the mum's and dad's which are the hottest toys under $30 dollars this Christmas

Marion "mighty beans are one of the hottest toys of 2010. They are little beans you put them on a race track and they race each other.

Cricket Australia sets are selling for just 30 dollars and you can play hoops in the house with NERF's basketball kit for 20 dollars - collateral damage not included in price.

Tech decks are a scaled down version of skate boarding and very popular... Dolls remain a favourite with little girls. Barbies always up there but now Disney have a competitor - the princess. now to be a princess, is the number one thing for a little girl to be.

Play Doh's a perennial at 25 bucks but if you have Doh to Blow - get yourself one of these... and electric motor bike!

It is $499 it is an outdoor bike but it is your own set of wheels you can ride around park.

With my new toy I collected these hot ticket items in readiness of the real test of a toy... kids

James "Alright I am not dressed in a Santa outfit but I am bearing toys. Leonardo, Jasmine and little Carla are our toy testers and clearly up to the task, if they could get through the packaging.

After ten minutes of playing the kids deliver the verdict on their favourites.

James "Carla what's your favourite?

Carla "my favourite is play dough and dolls.

James "Jasmine."

Jasmine "tech deck and mighty beans

James "Leonardo

Leonardo "tech decks

James "this Christmas really is the best line up of games for this generation of consoles

Trent Weeks is the Marketing Manager for EB Games, they've picked what parents will be plucking off the shelves this Christmas. For tiny tots, the original, is still the best.

Trent "nintendo and the wii have a lot of established characters like mario, donkey kong and kids love playing those games they've been around for years."

James "For older kids and seasoned computer campaigners, despite hundreds of games on sale, there's only two in the running.'

Trent "for gamers it's all about call of duty black ops, and gran turismo 5."

James "Black Ops took $650 Million worldwide in five days when released early November. That's double what Harry Potter 7 Made at the movies."

Trent "at the moment the wii is the market leader for sales followed by the play station 3 console, but the xbox 360 is going to give them a bit of a run for their money with the release of their new camera based motion gaming device kinnect."

James "Kinnect is the latest revolution in gaming, but despite the hype. Price counts

EB Games has the best bundles this season, with the Wii hitting it's competition out of the park."

Trent "This is the every limited edition Red Wii Console, celebrating Mario's 25th Anniversary it comes with the red Wii, and red wii remote, along with Super Mario, Wii Sports and the original Super Mario Brothers built into the console. And strictly tomorrow only customers can purchase it for $278 Dollars with a free $30 EB Games gift card. Of course if that's too expensive, get Germaine here to do your shopping."