The world denim market is worth more than $50 billion. It's the staple of most women's wardrobe and yet for many it's the one item they get wrong. So what are the do's and don'ts of denim and how to find the right pair for your shape?

You probably don't want to hear this, but personal stylist, Sarah Donges says that most women aren't making the most of what they have and are wearing the wrong jeans. "The most common mistake that people make is that they don't choose the right jeans for their shape. What you have to do is make sure they fit you perfectly and they make you look and feel fantastic" says Sarah.

Sarah has put together a guide of do's and don'ts for each body shape -- a system which she's successfully implemented with many of her clients.


"So that means that her shoulders and hips are in line and she's got a definite waistline which we really want to show off but what we want to avoid anything that is too big and baggy through here because that will make this area look a lot bigger than it is. So what we've done is gone for something quite tight through the thighs, higher in the rise as well and …also quite hugging through the bottom … avoid small pockets on the bottom. Go for big pockets in the middle of the bottom and it will make your bottom look fantastic" says Sarah.


"She's very straight up and down and she hardly has a waistline at all … so what we want to try and do is give her some curves. A pair of skinny leg jeans, and we've gone for fading. Its really highlighting that area so it's making look like its quite shapely through here, and see these lines across here are fabulous for giving her curves."


'What we don't want to do is widen this area at all (hips and bottom). They should avoid skinny leg jeans, fading through here as well. No design detail keep it really plain and simple. Avoid skinny jeans they just cannot wear them."


"Yes so all of her weight is on her tummy but she has fabulous legs and a really good backside so that's what we want to show off but what we want to avoid is anything too low in the rise so any kind of muffin top look is not good. So we've gone for a tummy trimmer jean and they are fabulous. They are higher on the rise so they suck everything in here."

Sarah also suggests looking at celebrities for denim inspiration.

For the pear shape - Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Alicia Keys

Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson embody the rectangle.

Apples are Drew Barrymore, Jessica Simpson and Liz Hurley.

Hourglass: Catherine Zeta Jones, Kim Kardashian and Salma Hayek.

Value for money is also important. "For between $60 and $150 you can really get a good value pair of jeans that will really last you and will do what you want them to do… there isn't any more value in a $500 pair of jeans" adds Sarah. "Most women wear jeans every day, so what you need to do is take these tips on board and get the ones that are right for your body shape so that you'll look fantastic all the time"

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