Bean diet

Reporter:Paul Makin

Sometimes size isn't everything in this case big problems can be fixed with tiny solutions anyway you look at it ......tonight you'll be introduced to a real flab buster

"this is a healthy well balanced way for people to lose weight" D ietician Tania Ferreretto has come up with the "fresh start" diet food plan..... Exclusive to our program. "what we've done is we've taken australian nutritional requirements for adults and we've developed an exclusive meal plan for today tonight... So that we can help viewers to lose weight .....Get healthy and keep it off"

And as we battle the bulge tonight ... We'll tell you about some very special magic beans 'it's actually quite popular in asian dishes and it's a bean that's in the red bean paste you might find in an asian bun"Jack may have traded the family cow in for "those" beans that led him to the golden eggs

But "our" beans are so amazing...Some experts say they actually soak up fat. We'll come back to those brilliant beans soon.....Meanwhile tania's seven day "fresh start" plan is exactly that for our two volunteers Rebecca Twynham is a 36 year old receptionist and mother...... and after having two children her weight has crept up "at the end of the day ...You plonk yourself down and and it's been hard to keep the weight down...What would you like to lose?....Oh roughly seven kilos...I'd feel healthy and happy with that"

Eddie Dolan has his own tiling business ... Is in his sixties and admits he's carrying to much puddin......his goal is to lose ten kilos. 'i got two grandaughters who keep saying to me that ah....when's the baby due (laugh) ....So i want to say to them it's gone" 'With Rebecca and Eddie ...They're looking to lose weight which is fantastic ..but we want them to lose weight in the right way....we want them to learn a new way of eating so that can go beyond a weight loss and stay healthy for the rest of their lives"

Tania and nutrition professionals australia have come up with weight loss recipes In this monday to sunday plan ...And it's certainly not rabbit food. 'rebecca is making the chicken and vegetable pizza which is think is a fantastic family recipe ...Very quick and easy ...Kids will love it"

"Eddie cooked up the beef and vegetable stir fry and he's actually bringing that to work so that he can have it for lunch ...You can just heat that up in the microwave if you want to have it as a midday meal which is absolutely fine and surprise surprise......pancakes!!!!

"Tania ....pancakes!!!....Pancakes ....part of a diet plan?.....pancakes can actually be quite healthy and we've tried to include foods that are delicious and healthy as part of our weight loss plan pancakes ...We've got a great recipe ...Very simple"

Now back to our secret ingredient (originally from china) ...........they're called adzuki beans Tanya " when i said adzuki bean what did you think?.....i had no idea (laugh)Well if you want to win the battle of the bulge ...This tiny fat fighter.... is a five star general among beans u.K clinical nutritionist gillian mckieth.... the author of the number one best seller "you are what you eat" is a big time adzuki bean fan. 'this bean acts as a natural diuretic to relive the body of excess fluids ...Burns fat and balances metabolism for weight management ...If you want to lose weight ....this is the bean for you" you have to soak them overnight.........But the wait is worth it !!!!

Tanya says "you do need to try things that are different and you need to get out there and experiment with healthy foods ...And because it's an asian bean and it's not something we're used to having...I've never tried it ...So it will be a first for me tonight as well"

You can use the beans in lots of recipes..... But the adzuki detox soup is a beauty!! 'it's a quick and simple recipe that people can have for lunch or dinner ...That will be quite nutricious and a great idea if your trying to lose weight"

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