Bad Mums Club

Reporter: Jackie Quist

Amanda Cox is a self confessed bad mum and proud of it - she is President of the Bad Mothers Club.Mother of three, Amanda was fed up with trying to be a perfect parent, bombarded and overwhelmed by society's expectations, and is taking a stand. "It's about saying you know I'm comfortable about what I'm doing, I'm okay with the way I'm parenting, everybody else go away and if you think that I'm a bad mother because I parent the way that I do, then that's your problem", Amanda said.

Four years ago she formed a mum's online support group, now comes the spin off -- The Bad Mothers Club -- a place where mums share friendships, frustration and laughter. "It's actually made a huge difference to a lot of people. We've managed to bring humour into nits, travelling with kids and all the stuff that can be really overwhelming, tough, hard and stressful", she added.

With the support of the Bad Mothers Club, Jacinta MacDonald and Melissa Khalinsky are shunning mother guilt. "We've never been a more researched society and parenting is just researched to death. The latest research, only this week, that children under two years of age shouldn't be watching TV, yet we walk into any toy shop and there's a wall of videos designed for children aged 0 to 6 months, 6 months to 12 months. If we don't put our children in front of these they're going to be stupid -- so what do we do?" Amanda said.

"I think she is very clever, I think she has set up a business for herself that supports mothers to have fun and be joyful and to do as good job as they can", said psychologist Sarah Calleja"If you role model being joyful and knowing you can make mistakes and recovering from that, you are going to be a great parent", Sarah added."I think I am and I think my husbands a good dad and you know we don't always agree on everything, but we do agree that we love our kids and we'll do anything for them", Jacinta said.

"My main thing is I'd really love to reduce the incidence of post natal depression that were experiencing in this country because it is disgustingly high. I want mums feeling less bad about themselves, I want them feeling less inadequate, I want them to feel less alone and know that they are okay with what they're doing -- I think that trickles down to the children", Amanda said."Just having the non-judgmental support of everyone, coming back and saying you know what,, we're all having a bad day, tomorrow will be better", Melissa said.

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