Reporter: David Richardson

It's the latest wonder capsule in the fight agiaisnt Arthritis… And it has some Australians jumping for joy. "It's all through my whole body with the joints and in my hands and hips and knees and it can get very painful" Mona Mullighan has been living with Osteo-Arthritis for over twenty-years. Until she tried this new pill she was racked with pain… "About 2 years ago, I couldn't even walk and my daughter encouraged me to have a walking stick well it's been kept in the boot of the car ever since I've come good"

The product she swears by... Rose Hip Vital. It's a new drug, made from an old common cure all. Rose Hip's been used in teas and oils for centuries to treat everything from Acne to Sleep Disorders...Today- It's being used in the fight against Arthritis...There's a compound that's been discovered during the drying process that now has Medical Practitioners excited, DR Peter Tunbridge explains... "The mechanism that they've determined that the rose hip works is by inhibiting a part type of white blood cell that's involved in the inflammatory process from actually migrating into the joint so not only are you getting a reduction in inflammation but your'e getting a reduction in the amount of pressure inside the joint..."

But not everything for sale can offer relief... Other doctors remain unconvinced... They say, as the old saying goes, every rose has a thorn..."I am afraid for the majority of the complimentary medicines that you can buy over the counter at health food shops scientific evidence for their effectiveness is pretty limited." Professor Les Schrieber is from the Instiute of Bone and Joint Research, University of Sydney. He says that while there have been scientific tests highlighting the success of Old Faithfuls like Gloucasmine and Fish Oils in treating Arthritis... The rest of the Complementary market can fall dramatically short when it comes to hard facts. "A lot of it is open studies, testimonials where people have taken it and said wow this works, and therefore people claim if is proof it is effective, but scientifically that is simply not good enough...Clearly, commercially it's a very big, potential market because it is common and people don't have the cures, so there is a rush on to try and find products that would be" effective

There's literally a Gold Rush happening when it comes to Arthritis treatments...It's a twenty-four-billion-dollar-a-year-industry. And with the numbers of sufferers in Australia set to double over the next forty years- more and more companies will be releasing products, and stopping at nothing to spruik their brand. "It's wonderful, it's wonderful really to be able to get around better and not be in so much pain"

But while there are warnings about some products. It seems that Australians have already given Rose Hip Vital the tick of approval... Just ask mother of two, Terri Adams, "I used to suffer a great deal of pain, I was placed on pain killers and I also used to take anti-inflammatories which I didn't like doing at all..".

Just ask Terri Adams, she says her life was unbearable before Rose Hip, and even lost the use her hands..."chopping, preparing foods etc, hanging things out on the line was a problem at one stage couldn't do that either. None of those are problems now, it's all gone, it's great..."

So how much does it cost? Rose Hip Vital is around $60 per bottle of 250 Tablets.... Which is in the same ball park as Tested treatments like Gloucosamine, and a bit dearer than Fish Oil... But whatever you use... Medical Professionals agree you should follow these simple steps..."Check first how expensive the product is, if it is really expensive, forget it. The second is if you do take it make sure it agrees with you if it is upsetting your system and your feeling side effects, it is probably not a good idea to keep taking it, and the third is if you are going to take it, give it a trial of a reasonable period, lets say, three months if you don't find after three months it has done anything positive for you again forget it."


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