Arthritis Treatment
Reporter: David Richardson

As we battle out of one of the coldest winters on record, one in 5 Australians will get through today in chronic pain.

Arthritis costs this country nearly $24 billion a year in health care, lost time at work and shortened lives. It can attack children, teenagers, adults and the elderly alike and there's no known cure. But an ugly little shellfish that grows on strands of rope in the freezing waters of New Zealand could at last offer hope for Australia's 4 million arthritis sufferers.

Evan Holland, alias the Reverend is a race track icon. But arthritis threatened to end his training career, doctors wanted to take off his leg because his knee was completely ruined. Incredibly today The Rev is still in the saddle and has no intention of getting out. His knees have recovered, and he credits his incredible turn around to a simple pill. It's called Mobicosa and it's dried mussel powder.

It's green and grows on ropes in the clear waters of New Zealand. Green lipped mussels have now been proved to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory products on the planet. The meat is so valuable it costs more than $3000 a kilogram, freeze dried as Mobicosa it's being used to fight arthritis.

The speedster of world cricket, Jeff "Thommo" Thompson terrorised batsmen for years with his pace. But he was terrorised by chronic knee injuries that threatened to leave him a virtual cripple in his mid 50's. Six months on Mobicosa and Thommo is back breathing fire in the nets, even returning to competition beach cricket.

Bio chemist Doctor Paul Davis has spent 11 years studying the green lipped mussel. He doesn't know how it works yet but he's positive it's not mind over matter. And according to the latest scientific tests the Mobicosa powder is more effective than non-steroidal anti inflammatory arthritis drugs, with fewer side effects.

Marilyn Crampton's arthritis was so bad it forced her out of work. Her doctor was going to perform a double knee replacement but that's now been postponed indefinitely. She is back on her feet, walking as if she never had a problem in the first place.

While other species of mussels also contain anti-inflammatory chemicals, the rather ugly green lipped mussel has it in far greater quantities. New scientific studies are now being run into using Mobicosa to treat bowel disorders, skin conditions even asthma and stomach ulcers.

But for 4 million Australian arthritis sufferers it could be the answer they're seeking.

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