94.5 Date My Dad

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

"He's from Coolbelup. His names Tony." He's the mystery man, perth's single ladies are dying to date. According to Mix 94.5's Big Couch crew, he has Daniel Craig's hair ... Ben Affleck's eyes ... and Clive Owen's nose. Well ... WE can finally reveal what he really looks like ...and now dozens of women are dreaming of a date with Jordon's Dad.

Tony says "i'm just flabbergasted that all these ladies would take the time to take a picture and register themselves to go on a date with someone theyve never seen and only heard on the radio" They'll have to get past his fifteen year old son first "they have to be in his forties, cause he's in his forties ... not a younger woman? Well he's had young girlfriends and they haven't really worked out"

Tony says "I sort of got in a rut where im not actively looking because that part of my life hasnt been a priority" A single dad ... Tony's raised his boy on his own, "i'm a guy who has my boy 24/7, 365 days a year, have done since he was 2 years old"He works two jobs, cooks, car pools, and manages his son's rugby team ... doesn't leave much time for a love life, "everybody has this perception of a single dad who gets up in the moring and puts on their superhero suit and does all these wonderful things, but it's not really like that"

Now, after being out of the dating game for years ... it's Tony who's the prize, Tony says "from a private person to my life on a billboard ... it's very daunting""What's the meal you cook the most? There's pizza and potato bake" Not tonight ... Tony's getting decked out for the first of his dinner dates and this is the first of the lucky ladies Desiree and night of wining and dining so, how'd it go? "It was exceptional"With more than fifty women also hoping to win a date ... this advice from Jordon. "Any hints you give the women who are dating? he hates Sinefield, hates it, but he's a good catch yeah"So if your looking for love ... Tony could be your man ... he just hasn't met you yet.

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