5 kilo diet


* Susie Burrell

B.Nutr & Diet (Hons), B.Sc (psych)(Hons)

Weight Management Dietitian Extraordinaire

"Losing the last 5 kg. Simple Steps to get the Body You Need."

by Susie Burrell

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Mince pie 800kJ / 200 cal / 6g fat

Spinach and ricotta triangles 600kJ /150cal / 8g fat

Lasagne 1800 kJ 430 cal 15g fat

50g chunky pesto dip 1060kJ / 250 cal / 24g fat

1/4 brie 700kJ 170cal 15g fat

5 x mini pastries 1600kJ /400 cal / 25g fat

1 mini pie 300 kJ / 80 cal / 3 g fat

Susie's Top Tips to Prevent Christmas Weight Gain:

- Never go to a party starving. Always eat a protein rich snack and a vegetable an hour or two beforehand to take the edge of your appetite

- Limit yourself to just 3-5 canapes as they are exceptionally high in fat and calories

- When you have overeaten, follow up with a meal or two of salad or soup to balance your calories

- Do not skip your regular exercise sessions over the holiday period - in fact aim to do more.

- Remember that Christmas is just one day, not a month.

* Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

Garvan Institute of Medical Research