Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Bloated stomachs, cramps, fatigue, fluctuating weight -- this new diet claims to help ease those conditions.

It's particularly good news for the five million Australians who suffer those problems constantly due to food intolerance. "This diet's for people who find that they have symptoms of bloating, wind, changes in their bowel habit", said Dr. Sue Shepherd.

The doctors behind the diet claim you can lose three dress sizes in just two weeks. "When tummies are blown out that makes people need to have bigger size clothes because their tummy can be distended. So when you go on this diet, the flat tummy that people wake up with can stay throughout the day", said Dr. Shepherd.

Dr. Stepherd and Dr Peter Gibson have developed this eating plan knows as the Fodmap diet. "Wheat, onions, apples, pears -- these sorts of foods are nutritious foods, however for people who have irritable bowel syndrome (and are having a problem with FODMAPs) these are the sorts of foods that are causing these symptoms", Dr. Shepherd said.

Sara Wade had bloating and gastro intestinal symptoms for years. Simply changing to the Fodmaps diet, she has shaved inches of her waist. "I felt fantastic in a couple of weeks. You can still eat bread but you have to choose the right type of bread", Sara said.

Despite being a regular gym goer, Andrew Menzies could not shake that bloated feeling. It wasn't until he discovered his intolerance to milk and wheat and changed his diet, that his stomach began to shrink. "I've lost 10 kilograms, which is good", he said.

And little 8 year old Maya had been complaining of abdominal pain, bloating and nausea for two years. "It was not going away. We had some samples taken, eventually we had some hydrogen breath tests done which tested for latose and fructose and we also had a blood test done of Maya. It all came back that Mayo was lactose intolerant and had lots of allergies to different food, wheat being the main one", said mother Danielle.

Danielle heard about the Fodmaps diet and quickly adapted, moving to gluten free bread and lactose free milk, together with a healthy mix of salads and fruit. "Within days the symptoms disappeared", she said.

For those with intolerances, these super food have no adverse effect like bloating:

Super food:

Bananas #

Oranges, lemons #

Kiwi fruit #


Spinach #

Tomatoes #



Potato #

Capsicums #

Bananas, potatoes, spinach and capsicums are very safe bets.

If you can't tolerate wheat, dairy, these foods are substitutes:


Gluten free bread (Country Life ) #

lactose free milk (Pauls Zymil ) #

lactose free yoghurt (Lidelle) #

Gluten free pasta #

Oats (Uncle Tobey's) #

cornflour (White wings) #

Gluten free bread and pasta, lactose free milk products and oats.

If suffering extreme bloating from an intolerance, these are the foods to avoid or only eat in small amounts..

Foods that can cause bloating

Apples #

onions #

shallots #


pears #

stone fruits #

lentils #

baked beans #

chick peas

breads and pastas #



Ice cream #

Ice cream, baked beans, onions, lentils and pears are the worst culprits.

Around one in five Australians suffer the effects of food intolerance with symptoms that vary in severity. If have any ongoing problems,, it's advised you see a doctor before ruling out any of these food groups. "This is not the right kind of diet if you want to lose weight because it really does eliminate a number of vegetables and a number of fruit which are very important", said nutritionist Karen Inge.

"If you do want to lose weight it's a matter of controlling all the portions of all the food you eat and making sure you do plenty of physical activity", Karen said.

For more info visit the website at Food Intolerance Management Plan, Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson: <http://shepherdworks.com.au/disease-information/low-fodmap-diet>