24/7 Competitions

Reporter: James Thomas

It was a fairy tale come true. i've done it for two months and it has paid off.

Mark "we've had a lot of winners. Every month 15% of our base win prizes. Cars, holidays, gift packs, health retreats. Anyone can win prizes if they enter the competitions."

Just about every product has a competition at some point in time and people do this sort of thing for a living.

Now there's a website which enters you into all the competitions you like, without so much as lifting a finger.

Mark "we have a research team that does all the work that a normal individual would do and we find the competition and we will enter our members into those competitions."

James "Mark Jones is the managing director of WIN 24 a competition website which has had huge success overseas and is now rising in popularity in Australia.

Mark "we charge 30 dollars a month. For that we guarantee an entry into a minimum of seventy competitions each and every month with the minimum total prize pool of $200,000. 99 cents a day and the odds, according to Mark, are a hell of a lot better than buying a similarly priced lotto tickets

In the last twelve months we've had hundreds of winners winning and giving away tens of thousands of dollars."

James "Doug and Heather Bird hit the big time, they signed up to WIN 24 and within three months they'd won an all expenses paid trip to Rome.

Doug and Heather "it was five star accommodation with a beautiful hotel. oh what about Vatican city that was absolutely magnificent wasn't it? Saint Peters square."

James "They didn't have to send off letters, buy any product, or fill out 25 word or less forms, all they did was join WIN 24

"It's thirty dollars a month which is three hundred and sixty dollars a year and we've won a ten thousand dollar prize, so i think we're well ahead."

Jason Hahnel "I won a five hundred dollar Estee lauder gift pack."

Jason Hahnel was a member of win 24 for 3 months when he hit pay dirt.

Jason "i have never won anything from competitions like this before and all of a sudden an email out of the blue."

Mark "we had a gentleman win a Paul Smith santarno custom made guitar worth 5k, we've had people win cruises, people win holidays."

Mark Concedes there are no guarantees for your 30 dollars a month and your chances will be less after this story because more people will join Mark's website.

Mark "we can't guarantee you a win. So if we've had someone who has been a member for three months and has won three thousand dollars. Then this could seriously return all his money. But we've had member that have been members for a year and not won anything.

Another thing to watch, anyone who joins WIN 24 will have to adhere to the rules of any competition. In many cases, this means handing over personal details.

Paul Harmer believes WIN 24 is good for the consumer but as the man who calls himself the "brand surgeon" he thinks the site will damage the reason for companies running competitions in the first place.

Paul "I think it dilutes the company's value."

If he was a company Paul says he'd only run a competition if he knew consumers were engaged with it.

Paul "I want them to sign up. I want them to see my proposition in the paper, and write their name down and get involved in the proposition."

Mark "these sponsors appreciate that these are people that they normally wouldn't be able to access in order to promote their brand and products and services.

Mark denies his site damages competitions and argues his site adds value for companies.

These companies have the opportunity to tap into a whole range of people who as i said before are time poor and therefore would not normally enter these competitions. so from our perspective our site is of enormous benefit to the sponsors of these competitions.

A potential downside is once your details are known by companies, you may be forever spammed.

Mark "we filter all the email traffic on behalf of our members and obviously if they are a winner, we get that email and we inform them straight away."

Katherine "i've entered before and never won. 2 months on this and bingo, I won."

Katherine Willett outlayed 60 dollars as a member of win 24 for 2 months, she won a 14 hundred dollar subscription to Foxtel.

"It's easy, you don't have to worry about doing anything, just let your fingers do the walking, jobs done." Says Katherine

Jason "it is brilliant, yeah it is really good."

And if you're still wondering - we'll leave the last word to Doug and Heather Bird, they had no idea what the product was behind their competition win to Rome but who cares, they won a great trip.

"Everybody treated us like royalty once we got there. We were met by concierge; it was just beautiful, it was just a dream come true, beautiful."