Lotto Luck

Reporter: Graeme Butler

How's this for a way to end the year ! the 30 million dollar megadraw - it's a lot of cash but increasingly people are likely to share it. Syndicates are becoming the way to win .

Syndicates this year have been popular now more than ever we're selling about double the amount of tickets in sydicates now than we did this time last year

Pina Compagnone from Lotterywest says players can now buy sydicates at the terminal and check them at any outlet around the state making it easier to play

In fact over the last two months over half of division one lotto wins have been won on a syndicate ticket

Sandy Santoso from Newstime Lottery Centre in the city knows that winning feeling.. not only did one of her syndicates win last year's new year's eve draw.. she had a share herself.

One of our syndicates won the first division at the 1st of january this year for the mega draw and we hope to strike it again of course it's been wonderful it was a syndicate of 10 people and we shared it with our customers and it really brings us all back together again all the customers together we celebrated together with champagne and eveything so

So happy never sold division one before so totally happy 1

Rick Luong sold a winning sydicate at his newpark lottery centre in Girawheen this time last year... 20 winners shared the prize.

The next day they came in and we told them that they'd won division one very happy with it

There's been plenty of interest particularly with the syndicates so we're always here to win it of course and what better way than to win it all together

As a person meeting those winners in the winners room people say that there's no better way to win lotto than sharing that excitement with others  

It may be a game of chance but it seems some numbers pop up more regularly than others... the most frequently drawn saturday lotto numbers this year are 32 its' been draw 13 times , 30 drawn 11 times and , 16, 31 and 41

all drawn ten times

while luck can strike anywhere in the state there are a few places around perth that have become extreemely lucky 13.57 The most popular places for division one lotto wins have been cloverdale mandurah and also rockingham who have each sold 3 division one winning tickets nad this has been followed by riverton , morley bullcreek innaloo alexander heights hilton bunbury and albany

You've got to be in it to win it don't miss out