Reporter: Pippa Gardner

Right now there are tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled..... managers, head chefs, administrators, apprenticeships 10,000 in New South Wales slightly more on offer in Victoria good paying jobs in the Sunshine State. Tourism bosses say there are as many as 36,000 up for grabs around the country, it appears we're a nation of snobs - happy to brush these opportunities aside.

Tourism and Transport Forum Chief John Lee says because of our lazy attitude we need to look overseas to plug the hole.

"If we don't actually fill the jobs, it means we can clean less rooms, we can have less people sitting at tables in restaurants, which effects the overall economy" Said John Lee

It didn't take us long to find six willing workers..

But when our workers ARE put to work three top hotels - The Hilton, The Sheraton and The Star -- not everyone will last a day in the job.

Charles Schwitzz-Schwageleis a waiter and barista. He's been unemployed for 5 months. A casual job in one of The Star's restaurants will net him $25 an hour plus tips

22 year old Hayley Chinnery. Is a qualified hairdresser. But wants full time bar work. She could earn $20 an hour plus tips working in one of The Star's bars.

"At the end of the day it's um a lot better than my hairdressing wage that's why I'm trying." Said Hayley

24 year old administration assistant Kylie Everson. Has been unemployed for three months. And has applied for over 300 jobs.

A admin job co-ordinating The Sheraton's engineering staff pays $44,000 a year plus Super.

37 year old George Lannaghan wants work as a kitchen hand. The Sheraton's kitchen churns out hundreds of meals everyday - and always needs staff. George would earn $15.59 an hour - even more on weekends and public holidays.

Brad Mercer is a poster boy for starting at the bottom and working your way up. At 21 he was a Barman on the Gold Coast earning about ten bucks an hour. 15 years later he's manager of the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney

He says anyone can do the same.

This isn't your average waiter. Ashley Spencer is Vice president of Hilton, Australasia. This is how he started 25 years ago.

"So you really did start as a waiter you weren't pulling my leg?" Asked Reporter

"No I really did start as a waiter all those years ago, and you don't forget it. And you worked your way up to being the Vice President of the Hilton.. Well if I can do it anyone can do it." Said Ashley

"What jobs do you find hard to fill?" Asked Reporter

"Probably in the kitchen skilled kitchen people are hard to find, the initial periods might be scrubbing potatoes for the first three you speak to many of the managers and that's what they all have done they've started on they're feet doing those jobs and that's what you've got to do." Said Ashley


21 year old Myles Ryder has the work ethic Hilton's Executive Carl Middleton is after.

"Is he the sort of person you want on your team - absolutely - as long as you're motivated you can learn skills - but if you're not willing to work not willing to put the effort in then you're going to struggle." Said Carl Middleton

But Myles turns down the job.. Not because of the work BUT the salary. The award wage for an apprentice Chef is $10.22 an hour.

"It's just not enough for the hours and the amount of work Chefs do." Said Myles

Front of house at the Hilton - University student Royce Crittle is quickly learning the ropes as a concierge

22 year old Royce. Wants part-time work to fit in with his studies. As a concierge at the Hilton he'll earn $17.22 an hour plus tips. Even more on weekends.

"I could definitely see myself working here BUTT HR lady told me if need to get a haircut and she started combing my hair and gave me some wax but I think I need to get a hair cut" Said Royce

Back at The Star Hayley impresses Bar Manager MJ. And is the front-runner for a job in their Sports Bar.

But remember Charles...

"Charlie is there any job you wouldn't do?" Asked Reporter

"In hospitality no... anything.. yes anything." Said Charlie

Well it turns out he won't do anything. Halfway through his meeting with The Star - he gives up. Because he didn't think he'd land the job.

"No-one is going to get a job without some hard work and no-one is going to give anyone a job across any industry without putting in some effort." Said Director Rodger Powell

Tourism Accommodation Australia Managing Director Rodger Powell says "there are jobs right around Australia, in metropolitan areas in regional areas where ever people are we have gaps to fill."

"Get your sand shoes off, put some nice clothes on, go visit a place that might be looking for people and sell yourself, it's as simple as that." Said John Lee