Reporter: Pippa Gardner

It's the cosmetics sale where women have never had it so good...

It's called the "Dollar Cosmetic Club... And a dollar is all you'll ever pay

It's the bold new website "buying big" so you "save big"

"We buy in bulk, we buy in large, large lots, and in doing that, we allow people to liquidate their stock and we pass those savings onto our members." Said Issac Elnekave

Here products are cheaper than the cost you have to pay for postage.

But there are conditions;

You can only buy two items

You cannot pick what you want.

And you never know what deal will come next.

"Yeah, you can only buy two items at any one time. We're NOT just an online store So we only ever have one product available at time and as those products sell out we get a new product one." Said Issac

Since starting in July... They've been running a deal a week. But for the month of October... They're running twenty.

Here's just a few...

"This is the Revlon beyond natural cream to powder quad, they typical retail for $25.95, buy two, and you'll save $50. This is the Revlon customised mascara, it retails for $23.95 and through the month of October you can buy it for one dollar or two for two dollars. The L'Oreal infinite range eye shadow which is about $16.95; we will be selling it for $1 or two for $2." Said Issac

And for October, the money they make- They're giving away...

TRACEY BEVAN is the director of the McGrath Foundation... They've had companies pledge profits for Breast Cancer Awareness Month But they've never had a company do this.

"Right through October from the first to the thirty first...

It's actually the first time we have worked with someone who has given 100% completely from the sale of a product." Said Tracey

The value speaks for itself... We put the website to the test, selecting TEN products to see what you would really pay retail. In stores.. Regular Retail Price was $183.50 Online, ten products... Just ten dollars...

And with the entire turn over going to the McGrath Foundation this month.

The more you save on cosmetics, the more you give to charity.

"We felt working with the McGrath Foundation we would actually be able to launch in a way that makes a difference not just a way that gets our name out there." Said Issac

"To give us 100% back that is going to go a long way to help us fund breast care nurses right across Australia." Said Tracey

www.dollarcosmeticclub.com.au <http://www.dollarcosmeticclub.com.au>

www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au <http://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au>