Reporter: Adene Cassidy

It's style.. That's versatile ... A dress for all occasions that can be worn twenty ways.

Making this victoria's secret number a must have for women with an eye for value as well as style.

"There are some really simple ways to wear this and there are some more complicated ways it's really about how much you want to experiment." Said Kerrie

It's no secret fashion retailers are struggling and consumers are wanting value for money. Editor of instyle magazine Kerrie McCollum says versatile fashion is a growing trend.

"I think people are very conscious about what they're spending and they're really looking for value but value doesn't necessarily mean something cheaper it means something that has versatility." Said Kerrie

"Is it something you can put on and do it yourself? yes I think so it's probably maybe best to try it with a friend or your mum to start with and they can tell you what's working and what's not." Said Kerrie

Fashion commentator Melissa Hoyer's shows just how easy it is...

Halter neck, one shoulder, mini with a bow, plunging neckline, twisted straps, waist tie, cross over, strapless and long, strapless mini, one shouldered top, mini with a bow at the back, rouched skirt, v neck, twisted back strap.

"That was exhausting ... I think if we kept going we could probably get even more ways to wear it!" Said Melissa Hoyer

So at $4.40 per wear what do you get in terms of quality and comfort?

The multi way dress is so popular this style is one of two victoria secrets has on the market.

"If you're buying this online how do you know it's going to fit your body shape? Because it is a bit of a gamble isn't it? Asked Reporter

"well this fabric is ok because it's stretchy you know so really this you could still wear this if you were growing a bit of a tummy and becoming pregnant it's got a bit of room to move in there so it could suit quite a lot of different body types." Said Kerrie

Australian designers aren't far behind. This dress by two birds was so popular three years later they've now designed a bridesmaids dress.

"So you talk about wearing a bridesmaids dress that you'll never wear again well this is a spin on that where you can wear it again and you can wear it many many more times again." Said Kerrie

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