Kitchen Gadgets

Graeme Butler

In these kitchens - gadgets rule... and it seems you can never have enough in your kitchen draw

We've asked The West's Rob Broadfield and Daniela and Stephania from My kitchen Rules to share their gadget secrets - the must have's in every kitchen


The microplane is on both lists of must haves they range in price from around $27 - $40

The kitchen aid mixer will set you back between $650 and $750.

next on Daniella and Stephania's list is this a mini food processor


mini blenders like this range in price from around $64 - $100

Rob fancies something a bit more basic... the mortar and pestle makes his must have list.

mortar and pestles are available in various prices start around $20

Next on Daniela and Stephania's list is this little Rotary peeler


The Joseph Joseph rotary peeler sells for between $20 - $25

other must haves for Daniela and Stephania are heat proof spatulas and this little scraper

heat proof spatulas retail for between $14 and $17


For Rob his next must have kitchen gadget isn't in the kitchen at all...


Finally the must have gadget that all our cooks say is more important than all the others... a knife... simple as it is they say it's the mark of all good cooks

For high quality knives expect to pay between $100 and $300 each