PMH Asthma Study

Reporter: Graeme Butler

PMH seeks asthmatic patients for new study

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children is currently seeking children who suffer with recurrent wheezing to take part in a new study on lung function.

Senior Respiratory Scientist Dr Graham Hall said that in the past obtaining accurate lung function in young children with asthma was problematic, as the tests previously used were often difficult for children to complete properly.

"Recent advances in lung function testing means that we now only require children to breathe normally into the testing equipment and that we can begin to collect data on children as young as three," he said.

"Asthma is a widespread problem in the population, particularly in young children and we need to continue to capture new data to improve on our management of this sometimes very serious condition."

Dr Hall said that PMH required children between the ages of 3 and 6 to be part of the study, which involved just three visits to the hospital.

"In the first visit we do an initial screening that involves a comprehensive respiratory assessment including lung function measurements before and after Ventolin," he said.

"The next two visits occur at 4 weeks and 7 months that again look at lung function and also your child's allergic sensitivity to commonly inhaled allergens.

"We will also give you a symptom diary to track symptoms and medication."
Dr Hall said children of the same age without asthma were also required to part of a control group.
For more information about the study or to register your interest please contact 9340 8987.