Golf Star

Reporter: Andrea Burns

The Perth primary school student making his mark on the world golfing scene.

KARL VILIPS has only just turned eight... but already he's a world champion.

Like Tiger Woods, Karl started swinging a club at two... now his dream is to turn pro.

Karl's Dad fears without sponsorship, talent may not be enough.

Karl Vilips is a four foot tall golfing superstar in the making.

Dad Paul isn't the only person Karl regularly thrashes. For his age, Karl's the best in the world. Here he was winning the seven year old division of the US Kids Golf World Championship in North Carolina.

Last year when Karl competed ,other players laughed at his cobbled together set of budget clubs. Dad's a single parent, it was the best he could do. He sold his car to get Karl to America this year.

The comparisons with another little golf prodigy are obvious.

Just like Tiger Woods, Karl started playing golf at age 2.

But if Karl is even to have a chance of reaching Tiger's elite level, it'll take money his Dad doesn't have.

Still, according to the WA Institute of Sport, only a tiny percentage of local athletes attract sponsorship deals - even among those training to represent Australia at the Olympics.

He may already be an elite athlete,but to his mates the only thing making Karl special last weekend was his 8th birthday party.

Paul says whatever the future holds, he'll support his son all the way.

Whether he grows up to be a zoologist who happens tobe the best golfer amongst his mates at teh zoo or whether he goes on and wants to be the next tiger woods, I'm happy with whatever he wants to do.

If you would like to support Karl please contact his father Paul on []