Bessie's giveaways

  • Reporter: David Eccleston Today Tonight
  • Broadcast Date: August 21, 2009

To view or to apply for Bessie and Geoff's giveaways, visit

"We're giving it all away, totally free absolutely no catches" says Bessie.

Are you in desperate need of a fridge? Always wanted a flat screen TV, how about a Playstation or Xbox for the kids. We'll here's your chance.

Bessie Bardot is famous for being in the spotlight, a model, a red carpet regular, author. Now she wants to start from scratch, pack up her family, husband Geoff and 4 month old Bluebelle and hit the road. Destination? Don't know.

"We've been wanting to do this forever but literally something was holding us back, so lets take massive action, lets give it all away so then we have to go" said Bessie.

"And it is scary as hell it's frightening don't get me wrong wondering what is going to be provided what's going to turn up" says Geoff.

"A lot of Tiffany's, a lot of Tiffany's I'm a bit Tiffany- well was a big Tiffany's fan - laptop this is the first laptop that my husband gave me - it's going!" says Bessie.

All of it must go, even the car and Vespa are up for grabs. They don't know what will come of it, they say that's the point.

"We have no idea, the whole concept of the experiment is just that - we have no plans I have no idea where we are going to be living in a couple of weeks time - we could be farming, we could be on a fishing boat we could be digging ditches, we could be sheering sheep, washing elephants" says Geoff.

"It is a brave move but if you don't do it you'll always sit back and wonder why didn't it do it" says Bernard.

Bettine and Bernard McKensive have been laughing for the past four years.

"To give your stuff or junk away does make you feel good and it makes you think all we have now is what we have in our caravan" says the couple.

Now in their 70's this grey nomad couple wished they had de-cluttered their lives decades ago.

"Well you get out you see things you meet people- it's an education you're not learning something you are reading out of newspaper you're actually seeing it" says Bettine.

Just one of hundreds of couples every year taking a leap of faith, discovering the unknown on the highway and high seas.

Something most experience in later life. Bessie and Geoff just can't wait.

"Simple, all you do is go to the lifechanging experiment dot com, send us an email of what you want and why you want it, cause we want it to go the people who need it the most and then we'll let you know we'll give you a call and let you know you've got it" explains Bessie on how to get a hold of their giveaway.

"Get rid of your stuff, get rid of your stuff and get on the road and enjoy your life" advise the McKensives.

To view or to apply for Bessie and Geoff's giveaways, visit