"A train traveling at 100km an hour will take over half a kilometer to actually stop."

Why on earth would a driver do this? As we saw last year, eleven people were killed when a semi trailer smashed into a train in Victoria. Still some drivers just don't get it, taking stupid risks every day, dancing with death.

For the first time in Australia, public transport officials in Perth have installed cameras at level crossings, to prove what we already know...that some drivers have a death wish. To deter them, WA's also the first to introduce penalties, two hundred dollar fines, and four demerit points, a third of your licence

Welshpool, May 21, 10:30am

Have a look at this one: Lights flashing, bells ringing a train's coming but this truck driver's determined to keep going.....(smash)......there goes the boom gate. He might also have to pay for that, six thousand dollars

Maddington, May 10, 2:30pm

A driver towing a caravan's oblivious to flashing lights then suddenly, the driver stops but it's too late, the boom comes down between the back of the car and van. The driver makes a terrifying decision to go over the train track, with second to spare.

Welshpool, June 11, 2pm

A truckie in a hurry, he pulls out, narrowly missing a wagon but when he gets to the crossing he changes his mind, brakes, backs up and hits the boom, drags it backwards until he's off the track. Seconds later the train speeds past at a hundred km/hr.

Welshpool, June 30, 5.05pm

Late afternoon, and this driver's impatient. The booms are coming down but the driver goes straight under missing the roof by a whisker.

Welshpool, September 24, 5.50am

Clearly this motorcyclist wasn't stopping for any train. Lights flashing. The biker weaves around the boom on a slippery road and speeds off. A two hundred dollar fine and four demerits might teach him to wait.

Sue Mccarrey from the Public Transport Authority says the cameras are catching hundreds or drivers, more than they expected. Drivers are urged to use commonsense around a level crossing. If the bells are ringing, stop. The cameras are loaded once the boom starts to move.

The camera locations are at Kelvin Road in Maddington and Welshpool Road in Welshpool and it's likely more level crossing cameras could be installed soon.

Although some states already have cameras installed at level crossings, Sue says it won't be long before the rest of Australia follows the west's lead.