Breast Cancer Couple

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

"All I could say is this can't happen to the two of us I just couldn't believe it."

Colleen and Greg McRae are one in a billion couple. She contracted breast cancer......and so has he.

"You'd see some of the ladies how they use to deal with it, and I'd say yes, I know what you're going through, which was quite unusual for a bloke to say that."

We first met Greg thirteen years ago after an operation to remove his right breast. Greg's dad Colin McRae die of breast cancer aged fifty nine.....his was the first documented case of male breast cancer in Australia.....and as fate would have it, Greg got it too.

"I was reading in bed, and I just happened to just put my hand on my throat and felt down around my right breast area, and there was a small lump I detected a small lump so I stopped reading and did a bit more checking."

Greg immediately saw a doctor, and was rushed through for a biopsy. But the worst was yet to come.....while Greg was still having treatment.....Colleen found out 'she' had breast cancer. Within days surgeons cut the cancerous lump from Colleen's breast.

Thirteen years later....the cancer is gone...a time to celebrate a sixty year milestone.

Did before time in the future is more important you can call it new time, or we do.

But no one is ever completely out of the woods with cancer.....and genetics is important. Colleen and Greg well know their children are at risk, especially their son Clint, who's working in WA's remote North West.

Terry Slevin from the Cancer Council says the McRae's breast cancer story is amazing.....the chance of a father, a son, and a wife, all getting breast cancer is impossible to quantify.

In 2004, 12,126 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia, that same year; a hundred and nine men also contracted the disease.

For the McRae's, their battle with breast cancer has strengthened their thirty seven year marriage.....and hope their story will help others.

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