Aussie Supermarket

Reporter: Karryn Cooper

For years Today Tonight has brought you stories on Australia's two major supermarkets. We've exposed their dirty tricks, tested the freshness of their products and questioned the amount we pay for our groceries. We've investigated where the products they sell come from and just how much of it is Australian owned and produced and the results weren't good. So one husband and wife team have decided to do something about it.

In a small warehouse in a quiet Brisbane suburb, a husband and wife are preparing for battle. Katie and Howard Hooker are readying their troops for a supermarket showdown.

"The battle lines are drawn we want to support Australian companies, Australian manufactures, Australian farmers and workers so Australians should support us we are taking up the fight" says Katie.

Every aisle, every item is an Australian product, a stockpile of all Aussie groceries that is soon to be home to the nation's first Australian only supermarket.

It's an import free zone, the front line for a locally lead fight back.

"Alot of people think that Australian's want cheap imports but I don't believe they do" says Katie.

"We are prepared to take the risk, what is life without the gamble, what we are doing is a real feel good thing" adds Howard.

For the past three years the couple have run a successful internet grocery business...delivering 3000 different home grown products to more than 7000 customers all around the world.

"We have orders going to England, all parts of Europe, America, Canada, Japan, China of course heaps to New Zealand and all parts of Australia" says Katie.

Michelle Williams spends up to $500 a month through only Australian groceries. "If it is not going to break my budget and I want to something small for Australia it's easy I'll buy Australian groceries."

Mother of two Bronnie Purves is another who sees the value in keeping her groceries green and gold. "I think Coles and Woollies don't support Australian owned companies enough."

But can an all Australian grocery store compete with supermarket's heavy hitters on price?

We found 6 household items in Coles that are Australian products also stocked by Katie and Howard. Among the products we paid more for at Coles were:

  • The Earth's Choice wool wash which came in nine cents more expensive.
  • Beerenberg fruit chutney..48 cents
  • And you'll pay ten cents more for San Remo pasta.

"I think if you really do the sums from a consumers viewpoint buying Australian produce and products are very good value." Ian Harrison from the Australian Made.. Australian Grown campaign says there is a market for people who want to keep company profits in Australia.

"The research that we do shows that Australians have a tremendous desire to buy Australian food and that's fresh food as well as processed food."

Any retail outlet that is going strongly support Australian Farmers and Australian goods is fantastic for consumers

Scott Driscoll from the Queensland Retailers and Shopkeepers Association says "We've been lobbying very hard to the Federal Government the fact there needs to be a lot more consideration for protecting and encouraging the Australian independent retail sector and we'll continue to do that."

"We want to be all around Australia in no time that way every consumer has the option to buy directly from us" says Howard.

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