Donald Trump

Reporter: James Thomas

Billionaire's aren't known for their patience. So, asking Donald Trump to perform a second take on his grand entrance can be a little daunting. And a much better start to the extraordinary story of Malcolm Quinn the Aussie who bagged the Donald. More on that soon.

And more - much more - on Trump's hair raising views on love. Brash views, private jets, beautiful woman and billions of dollars... all thanks to the property empire he built in the Big Apple.

But let me take you back. Way back. From New York, New York. To Ipswich ... Ipswich. It's in Queensland. Malcolm lives there. He's never been to the Big Apple. Malcolm's life couldn't be further from that of a New York property star: quiet streets, a quiet life with five kids and a loving wife. But then his world took a turn when his wife Leah presented him with a book. Trump book "Think Big and Kick Ass" had a literal effect on Malcolm.

"It really struck a chord with me about achievement, about success and about chasing dreams and the things you want to do" said Malcolm.

Malcolm's dream was to bring Donald Trump to Australia on a speaking tour. Trump's never been. No-one in Australia has ever persuaded him to come. But Malcom, who's a mogul of sorts - he owns the Ipswich independent - thought he'd give it a shot.

For 5 straight months Malcolm engaged in a midnight vigil. Night after night after night he'd phone Trump's people in New York with his plan to attract the Donald down under. He put every cent he owns and everything he could raise on the line. If the Trump works he'll make a profit. If not, he's lost the lot.

Trump likes perseverance and he loves a gambler at first it was a no ... then a maybe ... then a yes! Where others had failed, Malcom came up, well, trumps. And his young son, Harry couldn't be more proud.

Before trump comes to Australia, he wants to meet his promoter and so, for Malcolm, it's bye bye Ipswich International and hello Big Apple or is it Trump town. Once inside Trump Tower, only Malcolm would reach the inner sanctum of Trumps golden office.

Well, you have to hand it to Malcolm. He has managed to convince one of the world's most famous billionaires and reputedly a bad traveller, to come across the globe to speak to Australians. Now he is going to be paid in the vicinity of... $7.5 million. So, what can Aussies expect from the planets most expensive mouth?

"Well I don't want to really say, except that I think that they're going to have some excitement and we're going to talk about success and how to be successful because whether it's United States, Australia, China, Russia, it's not different. The formula for success is always the same.

Trump Law #1: And the best word is "certainty".

If you don't have certainty in business you are never going to be successful."

Trump Law #2: "Never let your spouse get your money.

"You have to have a pre-nuptial agreement."

"It's a lot better making a deal with your friends than with your enemies. I've seen divorces destroy businesses, I've seen them destroy people. I've seen people totally destroyed over divorce" says Trump. Especially when you get divorced as often as Donald. Before Melania there was Marla. And his first wife Ivana. Not that Ivana was too worried, she became famous for her own line... "Don't get mad, get everything!"

He's been married 3 times. Come close to bankruptcy almost as often. But he's always bounced back. His attitude to building property, typifies his approach to life.

"What I build is successful, it's always successful, I make it successful. And if it is not, I make it successful after it's not" says Trump.

Like his hair, he's larger than life and now he's really famous, thanks to the TV show "The Apprentice".

Donald is pragmatic about celebrity, for him fame offers opportunity to promote the Trump brand but the billionaire is underwhelmed by Hollywood's smoke and mirrors. In his book he takes a swipe at the lustre of even the biggest stars, for example, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.

"I met him and he's ... a much smaller person than I thought. And Angelina, I have never thought of her has a beautiful woman! She get's credit for being beautiful woman. It is just a question of taste. That's why they have menus in restaurants."

And there is no-one he hates more than US comedian Rosie O'Donnell.

"You have to understand Rosie is a total degenerate. She's a low-life and ... she always attacks people... and then one day she attacked me because I gave Miss USA a second chance. She had an alcohol problem and I gave her a second chance."

Trumps Law #3: Revenge is good business.

"When people attack you, you should attack back."

"Now not necessarily for that person but because other people who will interact with you or deal with you in the future are going to be watching and they are going to say, you know what there are easier fish to fry, let's not go after Trump. Let's go after somebody else."

Trumps Law #4: Buckle up. Times are tough.

Asked could Australia suffer a housing collapse similar to the US?

"Absolutely, and it probably will happen. I think we were just the forerunner. Fuel is just killing this world ... you need fuel it is like blood and when the fuel is tainted by price it is going to hurt Australia horribly."

Our economy may cop a battering but our woman will always be beautiful, according to Mr Trump. One woman in particular.

"I own the Miss Universe Pageant and you have a great woman in terms of Miss Hawkins."

Jen is clearly a great hit - as is, for the Donald, our golf courses. When he hits Australia, he'll be hitting the greens.

He's not short of on confidence which begs just one question: Does Donald Trump have any weaknesses?

"I think everybody has weaknesses. But if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't be telling you. Because you don't want to expose your weaknesses, you want to hide your weaknesses.

Trumps Law #5: Shaking hands is bad for your health.

"I don't know where that hand has been. I was in a restaurant and this guy comes out of the bathroom and he is shaking his hands like they are wet. And he is like oh Mr Trump, I am a big fan of yours. And he puts his hand out. It is not a good thing... it causes colds, I do it because it unfortunately it is a necessity in terms of life."

So he doesn't like hand shake deals. But he does love deals. And he does love the one he's done with Malcolm to come to Australia.

"Fantastic experience, incredibly busy meeting. Phones going off, people coming in. But we talked about lots of things. He is looking forward to coming to Australia he wants to play golf and see the country. And I think Aussies will be amazed when people get the opportunity to hear him" says Malcolm.

As he leaves Trump Tower, Malcolm has every reason to be chuffed. He achieved his dreams. He thought big and kicked ass!