Healthy Transformation

How's This for A Body Transformation... 37 Year Old Carolyn Gerdtz from 100 Kgs to 57kgs = 43kg Loss. 36 Year Old Kellie Robins... From Frumpy Single Mum to Cover Girl for a Health Magazine. Poster Girls for Healthy Eating... And Regular Exercise... Who Got Their Advice And Inspiration Online From This Woman. "They're Normal Everyday People Who Have Put In A Bit Of Hard Work And They've Been Amazed At The Results."

Carolyn Went From 100 Kilos To 57 .. Size 22 .. To 10 .. But More Importantly From Chronically Ill To Super Fit. "Having Blood Pressure Issues In My Mid 30's I Didn't Think That Was A Good Way To Be. I Had High Cholesterol And I Really Was Very Concerned That I Was Going To Essentially Being You Know Dead Really Before My Time" After A Job Promotion, The Busy Electrical Engineer Stopped Exercising .. Ate Too Much Take Away .. Enjoyed Far Too Much Wine .."So Little By Little, You Got Bigger And Bigger. Bigger And Bigger And It'd Be Like Oh I Had A Few Chips Yesterday, I'll Have A Bucket Today And I Just Gradually Let It Get Out Of Control."

To Get Control Back She Decided To Take A 12 Week Fitness Challenge But Not The Way Most People Do .. Her Internet Mentor Is Sue Heintze ... .. Despite Living 2000 Kilometres Apart .. They Forged A Close Bond On The Net. "Her First Goal Was She Wanted To Get Her Rings Off Her Fingers...I Just Couldn't Get Them Off And I Was Thinking Of Getting Them Cut Off At One Stage." Her Other Goal Was To Fit Into Her Size 20 Work Pants. They Were On And The Rings Were Off In 12 Weeks .. But Carolyn Didn't Stop There. These Days She's A Fixture At Her Local Gym .. A Human Dynamo .. With Energy To Burn ..

Kellie Robins Set The Bar A Little Lower. "My Goal Was To Lose The Weight That I'd Put On And Just Get Fit And Feel Better, More Energy And Healthier...Single Mum With Four Kids And She Deserves Everything She Has Achieved." Including Winning A National Magazine's Body Blitz Competition .. And She Did It Without Leaving Home .. "Everything I Did With My Program Exercise Wise I Did In This Room...I've Got My Treadmill There. With The Weight I've Just Got My Bench And Everything Here And I've Done The Whole Lot Here. You Don't Need Much Really. "

"If You've Got Home Equipment We Can Design A Program Around The Equipment You Have." Sue Says Anyone Can Get Fitter And Healthier In 12 Weeks. "Consistency And Patience And I Preach That To All My Clients. It's A 12 Week Program Not A Three Six Or Nine Week Program."

You May Not Want To Turn Your Body Into A Machine Like Carolyn Has .. But Sue Promises Results If You ...

  • Eat Low Fat
  • Low Carb Meals
  • Lots Of Veges
  • Lots Of Fruit And Eat Six Times A Day.
  • Exercise For Between 30 Minutes And An Hour A Day.
  • Have Short Term, Medium Term And Long Term Goals.
  • Treat Yourself Once A Week

With Consistency And Patience .. We Can All Have Bodies We'd Be Proud To Show Off ...Perhaps Even In An Arena Where Body Image Is Everything .. At Sue And Carolyns First Face To Face Meeting .. They Had Reason To Feel Pleased. "We're Very Happy With Our Work We've Both Done A Really Good Job Ha Ha Ha We Have Done A Really Good Job."

Carolyn's Transformation From Overweight And Embarrassed To Super Fit And Super Confident Was Complete And She Muscled Her Way Into Fourth Place. "And Here's A Question For You. How Many Of Those Other Girls Would Have Ever Cracked 100 Kilos? Oh None Of Them. Haha Probably None. You Should Be Very Proud. I'm Very Happy."

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