Reporter: Graeme Butler

From the outside there's no sign of the army invading and destroying this home - they're Small - Silent - destructive - Owner Mark Bresanello has been left cleaning up and counting the cost of termites. "The tenant first put his hand inside here and put his hand through the wall and he started looking around could see there was defiantly white ant damage and came and saw us and took it from there"

Mark Called in expert Pest Controllers Ralph Marfici and - Peter Robinson - or Cockroach Dundee as he likes to be known - "what you find you find it's like paint it seems to crinkle on the wall when you put your finger through it just disappears" The damage is extensive - but Ralph Marfici has a better way of assessing the damage than pulling the walls down

To allow us to look inside the walls we're using a special thermal imaging camera, these white patches you can see on the wall behind me show termite damage or activity behind the wall that would normally be invisible. and sure enough behind the walls - the signs of the termites devastating work - but it doesn't stop here. room after room eaten out.

to find out how the termites got in, Peter goes under the house. The actual nest could be 100 metres or so away, but it's no obstacle for the termites - they build a mud freeway from underground straight up into the wooden frame. "The trouble with termites is that they hide and even though you can see the sand you can't see many termites but right in the centre there's thousands going into this house from this mound"

If a check had been done around the foundations of the house earlier - the infestation might have been detected... but once in with the queen able to lay up to 3000 eggs a day the colony expands quickly, "these are coptotermes Raffrayi nad they're' one of the most destructive termites in Australia" and in this case you only need to check the roof to see how destructive they are, the damage to the structure of the roof turns out to be so bad - it'll mean ripping down the house.

Termite Contacts

Peter Robinson

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United Pest Control

Ralph Mafrice ( Ralph has the thermal imaging device )


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