Free Restaurant

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

No such thing as a free lunch? Well, actually, there is! Leelin Mah does it nearly every day. She doesn't mind if you leave your wallet home, because money isn't everything..."The more people we can get this message to and the sooner we can get it to them - that's really the focus of all our efforts" Jenny's one of the volunteers at One World Cuisine in Kardinya, an Asian vegetarian buffet, that wants to help you help save the world...

This is the theory: Ditching meat from your diet reduces the demand for livestock, - an industry that produces 30% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. "So it's the most effective thing that every individual can do to reduce climate effect" Jenny, Leelin and everybody else who works at the restaurant for free want to make a difference, and want to spread the word. "You don't have to pay or you want to pay whatever amount you want - so dining out and having a delicious healthy and environmentally friendly meal is so easy. "

The restaurant's partly supported by a wealthy patron living overseas. It has overheads stretching to $6000 a week, so while you can eat there for nix, donations are always welcome. "People are asking are you doing the right thing, providing a free meal? But I would say the bottom line is still the urgency that the amount of time we have left now, that if we don't do anything in this one-and-a-half to two years time, we're too late" And the customers aren't complaining. So what's the catch? Leelin says "There's no catch - but people will be more well informed about what's happening on the planet" Jenny says "Lots of people think that vegetarians live on salad or broccoli and although they're really good things to eat - there's a lot more to vegetarian food than that"

One world cuisine

Shop 7 / 23 South St (not in shopping mall - next to iga)


Ph. 9331 6677