Dodo Calls

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

This is one species of dodo that isn't extinct and it's sending landscaper Brent Smith crazy.

For more than week Brent's copped a barrage of unsolicited phone calls. It started when his ANZ bank statements arrived with a brochure from Telco Dodo offering $500 dollars if he switched phone carriers.

Brent thought it sounded like a good idea and asked the operator to call him back in a couple of days. Now he wishes he hadn't.

"From that point I started to get five or ten calls a day that would come from a private number. I would pick them up and they would hang up instantly or they'd give two or three rings and then hang up," says Brent.

But when Brent did an internet search of one of the numbers left on his phone he discovered he wasn't alone."It came up with a forum of people that had the same thing happen to them after contacting Dodo. It just seems to be a tactic of dodo to harass you," continued Brent.

Brent didn't take up the offer because they didn't call him back. He said he probably would have taken up the offer but the operator didn't call him back.

Top rated 5AA talk back star Leon Byner is on a crusade with Federal Labor MP Steve Georganas to force Telecommunications authorities to crack down on companies raking in millions of dollars making unwanted phone calls and sending sms messages which hit the receiver with a large fee once they open it.

Consumers can try and stop telemarketing calls by registering with the do not call register at as it's against the law to call numbers listed on the register.We've received many more complaints about Dodo's tactics today.... We did contact Dodo about Brent's problem and the many others also unhappy but they didn't return our call after giving us an assurance they would respond.All Brent Smith wants is for Dodo to stop pestering him.