Dodgy Restaurants
Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

Restaurants cooking food in filthy conditions. "We don't expect to be poisoned; we don't expect it to have had cockroaches or mice running around." Customers are oblivious to potentially deadly practices going on out the back. And even if the incident is reported to authorities, chances are other restaurant goers will never find out.....but that's about to change.

"We think that the threat of having exposure through a website will have a tremendous effect on making sure restaurants and food outlets comply with the highest possible standards." The state government's introducing a name and shame website for WA restaurants, take aways or food shops convicted of unhygienic practices, bringing us into line with other states, says health minister Jim McGinty. "I think the public have got a right to know If a restaurant is convicted why they should be given some veil of secrecy"

The official website, which launches today, identifies seventeen businesses, five in the city.... the transgressions range from mice or cockroaches found in the kitchen, the building in disrepair, food stored at the wrong temperature and adulterated or contaminated food.

Three bakeries made the list, Hamilton Hill Continental Bakery had thirteen convictions, the Vale Bakery and Patisserie in Canningvale was caught selling contaminated food..... and Farmer Jacks in Midland and Stratton attempted to sell food after its use-by date.

Chi Restaurant Perth city unclean premises, unclean appliances, vermin on premise, adulterated food.

Maya Masala Perth city Dirty appliances, vermin on premise, unclean premises, unprotected food, premise in disrepair.

Subway Perth city adulterated food, prepared for sale adulterated


The Emperors Court Perth city unclean premises, dirty appliances, premise in disrepair, vermin on premise, non complying equipment, appliances in disrepair, unprotected food, food stored in unsafe temperature, hazardous food stored at unsafe temperature.

Upper Crust Patisserie Cloverdale unclean premises, dirty appliances, non complying structure, non complying equipment, food not protected from contamination.

Continental Bakery Hamilton Hill unclean premises, premises in disrepair, vermin on premises, appliances in disrepair, unprotected food, and frozen food stores at incorrect temperature, unprotected food, and hazardous food stored at unsafe temperature, unclean premises, premises in disrepair, appliances in disrepair, hazardous food stored at unsafe temperature, food not protected.

The Vale Bakery

and Patisserie Canningvale sale of adulterated food, preparation of adulterated food for sale,

Red Rooster Canningvale unclean premises, dirty appliances,

Farmer Jacks

Midland and Stratton Midland and Stratton selling food beyond use by date

Many of these businesses were inspected after customers complained. The Health Department's Jim Dodds says while the website isn't the only way to improve conditions, it could act as a deterrent for owners. "Before we got to the website there would have been a whole lot of negotiation and a whole lot of enforcement activity be going on with that businesses to try and get them back into conformity." Under new laws in force now, local councils are compelled to identify food outlets which breach the rules. "We need to be able to tell the public so they can then make an informed choice. it may actually encourage people to vote with their feet and shop somewhere else."

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