Age Fight

Reporter:Paul Makin

In the quest to live longer and have healthier lives our three human guinea pigs headed back to Reach 100 on North Terrace.
After four months of supplements to help with their DNA damage it was the day they were looking forward to and dreading at the same time. The Genome Health Anaysis blood test was the brainchild of the CSIRO and taken up commercially by Reach 100.

It is the only test available to the public to tell them how they are travelling at a cellular level.
All three volunteers wanted to be among the first in the world to have the DNA test and since late last year have been on Vitamin B12 and folate in varying doses to repair damage. But here it is four months after we first met them on Today Tonight and they were on the verge of finding out the good or bad news.

44 year old Cheryl Batic is an active single mum, but her initial DNA test result was worrying to say the least. The results showed she had fallen into the high risk category and that was scary. 74 year old Gerry Davey is a once a week golfer who walks a bit. His first DNA test showed medium level damage but so did Ashley Hill's result and he is 40 years Gerrys junior. 'It was a bit shocking" says Ashley "here I am 35 years of age. I wasn't expecting that." But the results are in. Dr Jane Alderman says in Cheryls case "although she remains in the high risk category she has scored a healthy reduction in damage close to 13 %.'

With her radical change in diet and exercise Cheryl is hopeful she can take it down even further. "So that means I might make it to 100 years of age, " says a delighted Cheryl. Unfortunately Gerry's medium level damage has stayed the same. Dr Jane Alderman says "this just shows that not everyone has reversible damage. At least we picked up his Diabetes early." Ashley has hit the jackpot with his treatment. From moderate risk to low risk.

This Genome test has been a life changing experience for our Today Tonight volunteers who all say they are on a much healthier path in their life because of it. "People these days are interested in prevention" says Dr Jane Alderman "people don't want to wait until they develop a disease or the diseases associated with ageing. They want to do everything they possibly can to prevent those illnesses from happening in the first place."

A single test costs $650 with a more extensive program available

Contact details:
Reach 100, Ground Floor 18 North Tce, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000

08 8211 8033