Local Legends

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

They're our sporting heroes.....legends of their game. But what we often don't see....are the hard working volunteers who helped these athletes make it to the top.....the WA Sports Federation and Department of Sport and Recreation will reward volunteers through a competition called Local Legends.....first prize is ten thousand dollars....and this is what clubs need to do to enter....

A twenty second ad showing why your club's volunteer deserves to win.....the only condition - the clip must feature the word "legend".

Rob Thompson from the WA Sports Federation. "If it's humorous I think people will find that appealing but certainly there's obviously a serious message if it can be presented in a light hearted way, then that often captures the imagination of the judges." The best ten ads win cash for their clubs. "The purpose behind the competition is to try and highlight how valuable volunteers are in sport and that's anybody from mums and dads through to team coaches, officials all the people that really make sport happen in WA."

West Coast Eagle Quinten Lynch says "I don't reckon you'd leave it up to a bunch of ten year olds to mark their oval so sometimes I reckon games might not go ahead if the volunteers weren't out there to help out" So who's the biggest "legend" in Lynch's life? "There's no doubt that my mum has been the biggest legend in my life doing all those kilometres in the winter to get me to footy...how many kms? Up to five hundred round trips.....sometimes in the pouring rain sit out there and watch me kick the leather around." A five hour round trip, every second weekend. "There's no doubt if she wasn't willing to take me to play junior footy I may never have fell in love with the game I have today, and I may never have got to where I am now" The big Q knows how important volunteers are, and every club needs more. Rob says "I think if we didn't have volunteers we would actually see the end of sport in WA it's something that sporting organisations would not want to even think about to be honest."

The competition starts tonight.....to enter go to http://www.wasportsfed.asn.au/ for more information.