E Bay Sell Off

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Ian Usher is used to taking a plunge and living life on the edge, but he's about to take an enormous leap of faith, and sell his life -- lock stock and barrel, or at least car, house and job.

Ian built his house about a year and a half ago - but by the time he moved in, his wife had moved out and it was time to move on. Ian came up with the bright idea of selling his lifestyle. "I live in Perth, about 30 minutes south of the city. I'm right on the new railway line so I have a station 3 minutes walk from the door. I look out over a beautiful piece of bush land, I'm 5 minutes from the beach and the weather is just awesome", Ian said.

So what's it worth? Well Ian's about to find out. The house is valued at around $420,000 so the reserve's going to be somewhere around there and that's Ian's ticket to ride "I'll take my wallet, my passport, a set of clothes -- obviously I'll need that -- I'll head out the door. My lose plan at the moment is to walk up to the railway station, just up the road here, jump on the train, perhaps end up at the airport and turn up at the counter and say where have you got a plane with a vacant seat going to?" Ian said.

Not only can you pick up some ties, you could also get Ian's job at an up- market rug shop. Your new boss would be Jenny Jones. "When he came to us in January about e-baying his life, I thought it was a fabulous idea. If he's willing to let go everything material and start a new life, I wanted to support that", she said. The deal is you get a two week paid trial and see how things go. You might even get to go to Ian's going away party.

The e-bay auction begins on June 22. Ian's website is: www.alife4sale.com