I think everyone worries about their bum

Black is slimming to hide my back side

The booty is definitely back in fashion

It's supposed to be time for a "bottoms-up" celebration

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and pop- starlet Rhianna it's now fashionable to have a booty

But the reality is the average woman still wants a smaller back side.

I actually ask my husband sometimes does my bum look big in this and of course he never wants to answer that question so that obviously gives me the answer that yes it obviously is big !!

It's the question that has become a cliche husbands and boyfriends never knowing whether to tell the truth or lie

It's the first thing I think about, my bottom and my hips area, I try to hide that a lot

We asked Adna, Tracy and Cera to get their back- sides appraised by Instyle Magazine fashion Editor Clementine O'Hara .........

The print is too horizontal better if it was vertical pattern or something more subtle

I think this belt would be more flattering at the waist

Tracy's outfit is great with the embellishment, however , having the band around the hem is drawing your eye to the problem area rather than keeping it around the face

Here are the common mistakes that beef up your bottom

Avoid all over prints

No Bright colours on the bottom

No A-line or bulky shapes

No Horizontal stripes

Attracting attention to "the rear" with colours and prints is a no

Avoid A-line skirts and bulky shapes

Never ever wear horizontal stripes......

Surprisingly tighter clothing is more flattering.

If you are wearing a style that is large or voluminous you are just going to end up looking like a tent or someone will think you are pregnant so I think it's going to be better to give your body shape

Now for the Butt- Make over

Ok girls lets go and I will show you what works

Ok so I have put Adna in a dress shape that is similar to what she had on before except it's a block, black colour, so it's extremely slimming

Notice the "bling" is on the top.

Cera scored the knock-out back side- compressor

This denim pencil skirt is a great shape, the pencil skirt is probably the best wardrobe key for butt minimising Prints only on the top if you are trying to minimise problem areas

For Tracy "corporate chic" shaved off the pounds

With tracy's outfit I have followed the basic rules of slimming your bottom half butt to

The jacket is a key piece this winter (butt to) 23.11 avoid bulky oversized styles that have god tucks or pleating

Here are the tricks

Darker colours on the bottom

Brighter colours and prints on top

Dresses that pull in at the waist

Tailored Jackets

Pencil Skirt

Darker colours on the bottom

Save bright colours for the top

Dresses that gather at the waist

Choose tailored jackets and pencil skirts

Come on girls I am going to shrink your butts

The problem with jeans is your bottom is exposed for the world to see

Nico from Jeans West gave our girls the low down .....keep the denim tight ....keep the butt out of sight...it's working for Tracy

Stretch flares are great because they hug the body, they don't have any extra material down there which will alleviate the saddlebag because girls don't want the saddle bag !!

Stretch will always lift the bum up and keep it together

For Cera pockets are slimming

So the boyfriend jeans are a good flattering jean to have on because of the flaps they give on the pockets, flap provide extra detail and decrease the surface area of the behind so it doesn't look as big

For Adna it's a thick waist band

They've got a darker colour and they have a nice sand blast so it elongates the legs

A thick-waist band is always good, the thicker it is the less surface area you have up the top

The tips for denim are Darker colours, stretch fabrics and pockets

Darker Colours

Stretch Fabric

Pockets that are close together

Here we are thinking these celebrities have all these fantastic figures when really they are using this shape wear underneath their ball gowns

We have been fooled.

Rachael Underwood from "Bras N Things" reveals a red carpet secret

Ok we have Adna wearing the ultimate slim waist skirt which basically is re-toning her back side area and defining her waist which is creating a nice silhouette illusion

And this number brings a new definition to "granny pants"

This item is from the Trinny and Sussanah magic knickers range, the bum, tum and thigh shaper,

It's uplifting the bum area, redefining the thighs and giving a great silhouette on the thighs

Ugly underneath but less painful than liposuction

Everyone wants a J lo or a beyonce look

Scarlet johansen is a great example of a celebrity who dresses well with curves she does wear garments that are more contoured to her body she also presents a confidence

So you can follow the tricks of the trade but then you have to wear it........even shake it ..... with confidence.