Diet Wristband

Reporter: Jackie Quist

If you believe Dr. Leon Massage, you can lose weight by sniffing an ordinary rubber wristband impregnated with the scent of green apples, peppermint and other anti-hunger aromas, claimed to be secret.

After 20 years treating obesity, Dr. Massage is convinced. The idea's based on American research that found certain scents can trick the brain into believing we are full. Exercise then helps you lose weight.

Brent Winston is Dr. Massage's star patient. Three years ago Brent was 140kgs -- now he's pummeled away 33 kilos. Brent says maybe he could have lost the kilos with just diet and exercise, but says, "It was an added reinforcement". "It's something new and different for people to try in the never ending quest to have a healthy body," said nutritionist, Karen Inge.

But Karen says, "I think even Dr. Massage will admit that ultimately it does come back to healthy eating and regular exercise -- if there are a couple of extra tricks or gimmicks that can be added in that do no harm and don't cost a fortune, then why not?"

Artist Rosi Meltzer insists she's sniffed away 7 kilos in 3 months "For me it was more about that time of day when I had my sweet craving -- 4 o'clock -- and I used to just smell it and whether it was the smell mixed with the focus of just knowing you know not to indulge, it seemed to work for me", she said. "I think its a great product because it works, its easy to use, its visual and it has no side effects", Dr. Massage said.

Wristbands retail for $29.95 - visit the website at: