Mums Saving

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

If you're on a budget it doesn't mean you have to live like you're on a budget. We're making a difference to all Australian families and that is our passion. Turn back the clock and increase your wealth; that's the advice of mums Amy Pleydon and Tiana Johannis... We've got 800 ideas to save families' money, time and the planet all at your fingertips, for free. The pair created website after friends praised their creativity around the house. Their good old fashioned advice on cooking, cleaning and child care saves families thousands of dollars a year...

You walk down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket and you see many products which do many different things 50 years ago they didn't have those options and those packages on the shelf to choose from they used basic ingredients and those basic ingredients don't actually cost a lot In fact Amy and Tiana claim these 8 products will keep every room in your home clean for months - all for under 25 dollars..."Instead of spending a lot of money on pre-packaged cleaning products with lots of chemicals, a bit of vinegar, a bit of water, spray your bench it'll come up just as clean - easy"

The back-to-the-future approach to household savings has Grandmother Bernadette's seal of approval... Interest rates are about to go up again and probably another 2 or 3 times and people are going to have to look in their back pocket on how to save money and this is one good way of doing it.

Members of the website are encouraged to share their secret savings tips; and considering Australia's household debt is around 1 trillion dollars, every suggestion helps...We can help Australian mums and families through this difficult year where petrol prices are at a high, where interest rates are due to go up, the economy is not looking so good world wide, we are hoping that mums can make a difference in their home that can reduce the amount they're spending.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Not over filling the fridge, that's a really good one, it helps the air circulate
  • One thing a lot of people have forgotten about is using boiling hot water to kill weeds, it's far friendlier on the environment
  • Nappies is a huge one, if you can cut out even 2 or 3 disposables a day and put your baby in a cloth nappy that's a lot every year that we're saving from going into land fill and you're bank account will thank you for it
  • It takes five minutes to make your own laundry detergent, and we've got the recipe on the website for anyone who wants to have a look it's a great saver, it works out to be about 5 cents a load by using three basic ingredients
  • A natural remedy to prevent your children catching knits when they're at school is to dab a little tea tree oil on the inside of their hat it seems to keep the knits away - and you don't have to buy expensive products