Big Cheese

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Australia the big country - home of big things....the big banana the big pineapple - the big rocking horse - even the big boot.... but wait ..... This is the big cheese.... 500 kilos - half a tonne that's enough cheese to have cracker biscuits ringing Australia 10 times - or something like that.

"Its' the biggest cheese in the world which is quite an accolade" it certainly is - the proud owners of the worlds biggest cheese are Anthony Pullella and his brother in law Mark Kidd and its the envy of every one who comes to see it - people like Kate Freed who's come along way to say cheese. "I've come all the way from the united states - to see the big cheese"

The big cheese was made in Italy and shipped to Perth - it was a big job, "18 - 20 months in the planning ........ Turned out brilliant" Sadly the big cheese will come to an end in February when you too could have you slice of history. "We're planning a date which is February 9th ... it goes off with a bang"

The Big Cheese is on display at

Gwelup Fruits & More

707 North Beach Road