Free Stuff Day Strikes Again

Reporter: Jackie Quist

A marketing website is offering the chance to win a free car and other items in return for your consent to send advertising material for the products. Want a new set of wheels? Don't pay retail price. In fact, don't pay a cent. With a click of a button, we'll tell you how to own a brand new car, free.

Peter Edwards, co-founder of the marketing website, plans to give away more than $40,000 worth of free goods in less than 48 hours. The top pick is a three-door Toyota Yaris valued at $17,990. "Besides the car, we've got an Xbox, we've got cameras, lots of electronics, clothing, jewellery, there's a barbecue there, so there's a lot of fantastic items," Peter said.

The concept is simple. Companies register with the website and you, the consumers, log on and register. You choose the businesses from which you'd be happy to receive a one-off advertising email or brochure. Then, once a month on free stuff day, you're eligible to win the free products advertisers put up for grabs. It's a win-win for consumers and companies like Organise Your Life, owned by Clare McPhee. "We've had a 268 per cent increase in subscribers and also a healthy 16 per cent increase in sales so far, we're thrilled," Clare said.

After just four months, another 250 companies are waiting to sign up and that means there are a lot more freebies to come. "There might be money," Peter said. "We're chasing some financial institutions." "Our users are giving us great ideas on the sorts of things they want: LCD TVs, computers, laptops, anything. Anything that's available, we're going to try and get onto free stuff day." For now here's how to claim the free car.

"It's really simple," Peter said. "To win the Yaris, all you need to do is register with the website this month." "You need to earn some points - a minimum no of points - by answering questions put up by different advertisers, add the Yaris as a company to your favourite list of companies, and on Free Stuff Day, just wait for the button to become live and if you're quick enough you'll get it."

And if you miss out: "There's going to be Free Stuff Days every month, lots of products and more cars. We've got some amazing things coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned."

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