Online Shopping

Reporter: Marguerite McKinnon

In the next few weeks the Christmas shopping rush is on us and we are expected to bend our credit cards to the tune of $18 billion in this month alone. While the traditionalists will be pounding the pavement, online shopping offers a virtual world with no queues, no stress and some huge savings.

It's supposed to be a time of love and joy. But hit the shops and the Christmas cheer soon disappears - the endless queues and pumped up prices are anything but joyful. Now there is an alternative. Stress aside, internet shopping is also a bargain hunters paradise with many of those special pressies at discounted prices.

"Shopping online you will find all your favourite brands, the exact same products but for 50-80% off the price you would in the retail stores." Gavin Basserabie and his staff at are busier than Santa's elves. With over 3000 discounted products, most with warranties, orders are boxed and ready to go in 24 hours.

"We have perfumes and watches, the top brands up to 80% off. We have LCD TV that sells for $799 and we have it $300 off. Believe it or not the most popular item this Christmas is a $17.50 remote control helicopter perfect stocking filler. You will not find anything cheaper anywhere else" adds Gavin.

Busy single dad, David Sawiki, is now an online obsessive. "I bought sunnies, I have bought a blender, a surf board, plasma, I even bought a plant online. I have got a kids scooter, guitars, perfume you name it I bought it. I spent about $3,500 over the last year and half and saved about $2000 bucks."

With us spending $11 billion a year online, everything from toys to white goods, electrical, and travel gear can be delivered to your door. But if you find the number of online stores a little overwhelming you're not alone.

Australians are wasting up to 220 million hours each year by not shopping efficiently online. Shaun Cornelius from says there is a solution. "The key thing that comparison shopping addresses is it makes it super easy for Australians to find the best priced items for sale on the internet."

Simply type in the product you are looking for and the comparison website searchers online retailers listing them in order of price, guaranteeing you get the very best deal. "The great part about being an online store, being available 24/7 is that we are looking 24/7, we are watching the celebs overseas we are watching the over seas events and when we see something is going to be very popular we start looking for it" says Jody O'Carrigan.

And if you want that bit of Christmas bling you recently spotted on your favourite celeb under your tree, Jody O'Carrigan from will find it for you. "You can buy exactly what you see on your stars you do not need to buy an imitation you can have the real thing."

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