Beer Can Collectors

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

These guys are living the beer lovers dream. From beer cans to beer toilets you name it, these guys've got it. "Collectors are weird people we don't sort of collect things we just don't throw things away and if you have one thing, you just look for the second thing and that just becomes a collection." Ray Hodgson's one of WA's biggest collectors of 'brew-erana'. Chock a block with anything to do with beer, from floor to ceiling not even the toilet escaped.

And when it comes to beer cans, Luc Dupagne's collection is beer heaven. "It just started at a party we were drinking a few different beer cans and put them on top of the wall unit and the next morning it looked good." Luc's found some of the oldest and rarest cans in Australia. Some worth up to five hundred dollars. Ones with loveable ladies sent to British soldiers in the 70's to boost their spirits - they were banned because the ladies became too "raunchy"....and you might recognise this one..."The Duff cans they were brought out by the breweries without permission from the Simpsons and they had to be withdrawn. " But a couple managed to slip through.

No two cans are the same and Luke has a record of every single one. "We've got a book that's available through the club and it lists every Australian can ever made in it. and the more ticks the better"

Meet Barry Fletcher. He started out collecting beer cans, but his passion for everything coke was just too strong to resist. "Started off collecting empty bottles because there were so many varieties, it sort of just went from there." More than thirty years worth of collecting....there's Footies, frizbies, basketballs, pins and brooches, teddy bears, trucks and cars, fridges and eskies, clocks, mirrors, yo-yos, hats, shirts and jumpers. ..a juke box....

And these three keen hoarders are not alone....they're part of an organised group....the Australian Beer Can Collectors. "We meet very six weeks at someone's house and we have a big raffle and a big swap meet and once a year we travel to a different state what we call a canathon." There's 30 members in WA and 380 Australia wide. They even publish their own monthly magazine.

And if you're keen to join the Beer Collectors Association go to