Summer Lips

Reporter: Gavin Alder

Ladies have a truckload of tricks when it comes to lip service - there are liners to give the impression of fullness, lip gloss with plump-up technology and injectable add-ons. When it comes to a cosmetic quick fix, there's nothing more hip than the lips.

Dr. Mary Dingley from the Cosmetic Medicine Centre in Brisbane, says in fashion terms, new lips are the new black. "It really is becoming more mainstream -- just like your own personal grooming, getting your hair done. It's becoming one of those things that one just does as part of the maintenance", Dr. Dingley said.

Kathy Burns says because of her think lips, she's perceived as being "mean" and she doesn't like it. "I think when your lips are thin you don't get that soft look -- really bothers me that people think I'm angry when I'm not", Kathy said.

Hairdresser Diane Evans had the same problem -- until she got injections of a new product called Restylyn Lipp. "It just puffs them up a little bit, gives them a bit of fullness and makes them look a little bit younger", she said. "The Lipp product has been designed specifically for the very vascular nature of the lips and also the very elastic nature of the lips. The lips move a lot -- we're talking all the time and eating and drinking and so on, and the product moves with the lips a lot more easily", Dr. Dingley said.

There are of course the horror stories -- women's mags hook readers in with tales of the rich, famous and unflappable going too far. It's the sort of thing made fun of in the film, 'First Wives Club', .where Goldie Hawn's lips took centre stage. But another movie star has driven the lippier look. "We used to get requests for Angelina Jolie's lips but much, much less so these days and let's face it Angelina Jolie's lips look good on Angelina Joli", Dr. Dingley said.

Donna Verney is a fitness trainer who's unhappy with her thin lips and the lines above them. She has tried special lip gloss that boosts the lips, but it's a very short term solution. So Donna is joining Kathy to get the latest in lip lifting technology. Previously Dr. Dingley used Collogen and Gortex and other substances that she says worked well, but were not designed for lips and lips alone. The new stuff gives a more natural look and feel.

Of course no lips are alike and Donna's blew up. Dr. Dingley however, said they would go down and they did -- in about a week. Donna says the difference is like chalk and cheese. "I love them. They're great", she said. And Kathy is lapping hers up too -- those thin lips have been replaced by the plumped up versions with clearly defined outlines. "It's not cheap, but it's worth it", she said.