New Braces

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

For many parents, a trip to the dentist can be a costly exercise - particularly when braces are involved... Well, now there's a new method setting to dispel traditional teeth straightening to achieve that million dollar smile in a fraction of the time and it even has surprising health benefits... Smiling - it's the universal sign of happiness where giving one can pretty much guarantees another.

Perfecting that designer smile is a multi-million dollar business, with the latest trick providing more than a dazzling grin for Australian patients. Age better and have a stunning, wider smile for a lot less pain. It's the selling point Orthodontist Dr Derek Mahoney says has young and old diving into the dentist's chair. "I'm noticing in my own practice adult case starts have increased by 40%." An American import the Damon Braces, have redefined the way braces were once fitted, extracting the teeth, a last resort.

"The average Anglo-Saxon profile where the face seems to be flatter and the upper teeth are retracted, it's better not to remove teeth for those patients because as they get older, their face matures more gracefully" says Dr Mahoney. Those fears were quashed when 18-year-old Lauren Murphy jumped on the straightening sensation, her top and bottom rows needing to be realigned.

Now after just six months, they are ready to come off. Dr Mahoney claims that it can shave around 6 months off the overall treatment time - with fewer painful visits in between thanks to a redesign. Traditionally braces have a rubber O ring which attaches the wire to the brace. As time goes on and the teeth move, painful tightening is required. Damon braces however, have a gate which allows the wire to move - creating less friction.

Over the years, 42 year-old mother of two, Irene Moraitis noticed her teeth started overlapping, conscious of her smile, she started exploring her options for improvement. "Well I always smile and I'm usually laughing at something so to have a nice smile is important" says Irene. "Before I got braces I'd always cover my smile or I wouldn't, like I'd laugh but not as much as I'd like to."

Originally opting for just the top teeth to be braced, Irene decided to have the bottom done as well for a total cost of around $8000. Now after 18 months, they are weeks from coming off. "The main selling points were that I didn't need to have any teeth extracted and the fact that it would be a quick process and it would be fairly painless" said Irene.

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