Reporter: David Richardson

Searching the internet has become part of our everyday lives, punch in a keyword, click on a mouse and we have instant access to a world wide web of information. Now for the scary part - we know what you've been clicking on. "Yahoo7 Pulse" have released the top ten web searches for 2007. Presenter Lizzie Lovett says the results prove we're all a bunch of celebrity cyber- stalkers.

At number 10 - the pop star who managed to bring "sexy back" and survive a relationship with Britney Spears - Justin Timberlake. Justin may have the moves but he was outrun by Jason Bourne in the movie Bourne Ultimatum - no doubt the lead actor, Matt Damon, had something to do with it.

Number 8 was less about celebrity and all about technology. The iPod is becoming as common as the mobile phone.We can't get enough of Hollywood's best looking do-gooders, they're names are even joined together - a single entity of star power. "No surprise that "Brangelina" are the most searched for celebrity couple what they are so hot the hottest guy and girl on the planet marries and of course all their family they are adopting children from everywhere and saving the world with the United Nations they're perfect, they're too perfect" says Lizzie.

Famous for her less than perfect life - and all the scandals that went with it, the late Anna Nicole Smith and her mysterious death at Number 6. Apparently we're also checking out Jessica Alba. "Well Jessica Alba who are we kidding she's had a couple of movies out this year so I am thinking the guys their searching for a little bit of her she's been voted the sexiest woman alive that many times I am guessing they're getting on for a bit of a perv" says Lizzie.

In fourth place website Bebo. Similar to Myspace and Facebook, social networking is our new favourite addiction. But there's a classic Aussie obsession we'll never give up - real estate. Whether it's buying, selling, renting or just dreaming.

In second place is the weather and not just for tomorrow's surf conditions. We have arrived at the number one search for 2007 - prepare to be shocked. She certainly shocked the hell out of us this year: "Britney Spears no surprise at all she's just like a walking headline whether she's pantiless, she's childless, she's lost the boys, everyones just got to search to see what's happening next" adds Lizzie.Call it escapism, call it voyeurism or just old-fashioned tall poppy syndrome, we want to know about Hollywood high flyers tripping up and hitting the ground.