Reporter: Rodney Lohse

Hi I'm Jo and I've invented the braap, the world's first multi-purpose breast feeding wrap. I'm Brett, I'm Brenda...we don't like flies that's why we've come up with the no fly zone wheelie bin deodoriser. They're the ideas we all wish we inventions that seem so obvious in hindsight. Australians are notorious for them... This is the latest crop of fertile minds that think they're on to the next big thing.

Brett and Brenda says "we were sitting in the spa and our bins were positioned just upwind from the spa...we were having a glass of champagne and it just ruined the mood and I said you just have to do something about that smell." But a fruitless search of hardware stores across the gold coast left Brett and Brenda Wilson scratching their heads. That's all it stinky bin and a bunch of buzzing flies flicked the switch on their creative light bulbs...and they came up with this.

"So this is how it works. You simply lift the lid, place it in the bin and every time you close the lid, it puts a little spray over the rubbish; it keeps the odours and flies away from your bin. Loaded with secret smelly scents...all made from Australian essential oils...the no fly zone bacteria squirter promises to make your dirty bin come up like roses."

"This is the braap, it's a privacy garment for breast feeding, it's burping towels, it's a change mat, the braap is my security blanket, I hope it becomes yours. In keeping with age-old addage, necessity was again the mother of invention. Jo burns decided to make a one-off breast feeding wrap that would allow her to be discreet and let her baby boy feed in public without the looks and sneers of disapproval. This way you've got your own privacy, everything's covered; you know they can't see anything. It wasn't until Jo's friends asked her where she bought it that she realised she was onto something. Great ideas...but unfortunately...that just isn't enough.

Becci Watson says "we see hundreds of people each year and probably less than two out of every hundred would actually make more money then they put into the product they were launching, so it's an extremely difficult task."

The triton foundation is a not-for profit organisation which helps new inventors like these take their products to the next level. Triton general manager Becci Watson says the invention itself is just five per cent of making an idea a "Every second person at least that calls us at the triton foundation has really strong technical skills, so they have the idea but they're looking to be matched with someone who has the money to launch the technology." And so it goes for our new inventors...

My name is Owen Hortz and this is my invention the Plato finger food plate. It provides a solution to all the catering problems where you get stuck with food and drink and you can't manage both...simply put the plate on the left hand, you can put your food there your drink there, leaves a hand completely free. What you do with the free hand is up to you.

Owen is so convinced his bright idea will work, he has flown to china three times and manufactured thousands which are already available in catering stores around the country and on line. I think the most difficult challenge is just sticking with it. It's a long process, you can say it quickly but it's taken about four years. But despite the odds being stacked against all of our fledgling inventors, they are sticking to their guns. "There must be millions of people out there that have thought of an idea...all I can say is just run with it, keep with the momentum."

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