Money Hunter

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

Sue McBeth is an heir hunter -- she works for the dead, to fulfill their wishes and there's a chance she's looking for you.For more than a decade, Sue McBeth has been a genealogical detective, finding inheritance for people they never knew existed, often left by relatives they never knew they had.

In this line of work there are no boundaries -- Sue has been all over the world linking lost relatives with lots of money. Recently a phone call to Sue from an associate in London, resulted in Australian sisters Roberta Shaw and Virginia Hawke receiving nearly $2 million -- the estate of a first cousin they'd never met, Jann Chesworth "It's a phone I won't forget, I must admit. It was one of those unreal phone calls that you can have all sorts of dreams and fantasies about", Sue said.

There are more dreams like this yet to come true. "The first one we have got is in the estate of Patrick Hall, a boy born in 1981 called Damien John Casey was left some money and we have never been able to find him", Sue said. Are you Damien John Casey? A now twenty six or twenty seven year old, who, as a boy lived in Moonee Pond -- your former neighbour Patrick Hall has left you money.

Or John Matthew Cunningham born in New South Wales in 1969, last known to be living at Stanmore in Sydney's west. "He no longer votes and we can't find him. So we would really like him to make contact with us as well", Sue said. Another case has Sue stumped. She's searching for, Danny Casey, the son of Timothy Joseph Casey, who died recently in Canada. All Sue knows is Danny married Susan and has two sons, Trevor and Harry. Canadian authorities who passed the details on, say the family moved to Perth in 2000. "Do you want your money to go to who you choose or be taken by faceless bureaucrats?", Solicitor Michael Pickering.

He says not having a will is often a costly mistake and it's those left behind who miss out. And its always good to update your will to avoid any trouble as well.

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