Indi's Story

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Like most little girls, Indi loves fairies and ponies - but that's about where the comparison ends at just 2 years old Indi has endured more than most people in a lifetime and yet her spirit refuses to be dampened but for Indi's mum Donna and nanna Jeannette there was certainly every reason to cry. what began as small blisters on baby Indi's hands and feet turned her tiny feet black - like frost bite - "the blisters continued to grow her hands and feet were swollen it blistered just like them balloons that you wrap around and tie into animals that what it looked like and everything died off and she ended up having the four limbs amputated"

Indi's condition baffled the experts - they still don't know exactly. The best explanation is a combination of two extremely rare conditions "with the rothman thompson that's if she's got a strain of that I think there's about 300 world wide but with the myelodysplasia and the acute transient cryofibrinogenemia there wouldn't be another child with all them the moment she's a one off a lot of doctors around the world still doing testing trying to come up with what's happened to her and at the moment the doctors are still learning well this is new for them too...still a mystery some sort of problem with the blood supply to her limbs and to her skin that's led to some of her problems"

Plastic surgeon Dr James Savundra was one of a team of doctors who has treated little Indi at Princess Margaret Hospital, Indi spent eight months in hospital and in her families darkest hours they drew inspiration from another little battler - Sophie Delezio who has also fought to over come seemingly insurmountable odds. "She's given us the inspiration to keep going with Indi the thought that when we first heard that she was going to lose her hands and feet and we kept thinking oh no no how can we do this and we thought back to Sophie and we thought well if she can do it so can Indi and she did"

Donna says "I'd like Indi to meet her one day we've looked up to Sophie see how much she's going through and what she can do and looking at Indi knowing what well if Sophie can do it Indis' going to be able to do it too" and so far there's not a lot Indi can't or at least won't try and do - she loves drawing like any other child and playing tea parties in her fairy bedroom... and very soon Indi will have her own fairy garden to play in. "Why did you want to do a fairy garden? well we promised she loves fairies she watches fairies every day and if they're not on the TV they've got to be on DVD we promised her a fairy garden when she first got sick and it's finally starting and the community has pulled together to give you this? Yes they've sent fairies and plants and fairy dresses"

Indi's still got a long road ahead of her - possibly a bone marrow transplant - more surgery and prosthetic limbs - but right now she's busy being two, "she's a normal two year old she can chuck the biggest tantrums the biggest and just when you're pulling your hair out she'll smile and your heart melts and a lump comes in the throat - that's Indi"

Indi's family's set up the "indigo trust" for people wishing to help - donations can be made at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank.