Kevin Sheedy

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

It's become one of the most recognisable gestures in AFL. An Eagles - Essendon match wouldn't be the same without it. It all started back in 1991, when the bombers played host to west coast at Windy Hill. The windsock, deliberately tied down. Kevin Sheedy's rivalry with the Eagles had begun. Then after a win against West Coast in 1993, Sheedy waves his jacket, the following year, it was pay back time. "Malthouse was coaching the West Coast at the time and he's such a grumpy fella and I'm such a happy guy, I just through I'd put a bit of fun in the game of footy...and I'm still happy and I think Mick's still grumpy.

Sheedy says West Coast's drug crisis has put pressure on the AFL. "Most people will be looking at the way the afl deals with it, it's going to be important to the future of the game. And as for Cousins future..... "Just forget footy for a moment, you've just got to get players right if they're needing help that's the most important thing. "

This year marked the end of Sheedy's 27 reigns as Essendon's coach. He was farewelled with skipper James Hird, in front of 42,000 people at Subiaco Oval in Perth. An emotional send-off, with eagles fans showing their respect the best way they knew how. ....and one last jacket wave from the Bombers legend. And it's that very jacket, that'll be going up for auction at Sheedy's farewell lunch in Perth. The money raised'll go to Zac and Maddy Mainwaring, the children of former West Coast Eagle and Channel 7 sports presenter, Chris Mainwaring. "To me Chris Mainwaring was one of the great players in the great centreline....I just feel that I'd like to perhaps offer this to Chris's children at an auction, my farewell in Perth and I think that's the best and right thing to do...It's just a present from probably Essendon, Victorian people because to see how WA people gave James Hird a magnificent send off in his last match."

Please find below information if you wish to attend this event:

DATE Sunday 2nd December, 2007

VENUE Burswood Entertainment Complex

TIME 12 noon - 3pm

COST $150 per person - GOLD Seating

$125 per person - STANDARD Seating

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