Lotto Survey

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

This was the exact moment, a Perth university student found out he'd won last month's jackpot - thirty million dollars. His reaction....."You've got to be kidding me right? nononono yeah yeah yeah, congratulations. Provisional winner." The man, in his early twenties, had no idea he'd won Australia's equal highest lotto win ever. And it was only the second lotto ticket he'd ever bought.

He calls someone on his mobile, leans on the desk...barely able to hold himself up and finally gathers a few words, eight to be exact. "I'm speechless I don't know what to say"

About half a million West Australians buy lotto tickets every single week. In a superdraw about 950,000 tickets are sold, and mega draws attract more than one and a half million players. That's one ticket for WA's entire adult population.

Author and counsellor, Charmaine Saunders. "I don't think a lot of people buy them out of hardship or needing to have the money, I think it's more for all of us or most of use it's a fantasy. "In their biggest survey ever, Lotterywest wants to know how you'd react, what would you do if you won the big time?

Gina Zinotti from Lotterywest. "We really want to get into the heads of all of our lotto players and find out what exactly is their motivation for playing, what do they dream about when they go and buy that ticket."

Who would you make that very first call to?

Who would you tell.... would you tell?

Gina says "I spoke to a division one winner recently, who had won 4.5 million quite a few years ago now and interestingly he'd not told a soul, not even his wife knew that he'd come into this large amount of money, he'd kept it secret all of these years." And even after winning four and a half million dollars, that mystery Perth man still works at the same place before he hit the jackpot.

The UK's done a similar lotto survey. "Amazingly 34% of people continued working even after they'd hit the jackpot, but interestingly half of those 34% said they'd missed work."

What would you buy?

And where would you decide to live?

Iris Curley's lotto dream didn't include a new home...she decided to stay put in her family home in Meekatharra, even after winning 15 million dollars. There are twenty five questions and it takes about ten minutes to complete. And just by answering the questions you could win five lotto tickets each week for a whole year!

To enter the Lotterywest Megadraw Dream Competition go to the following website